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Clinical Observation of Ditan Soup in Treating PSD

Author XiaoBing
Tutor DiaoFengSheng
School Dalian Medical University
Course Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords Depression after stroke HAMD SDS TNF-α IL-6 Ditan Tang Prozac
CLC R277.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: As an observing increasing tendency of the incidence of cerebrovascular diseases, which is becoming one of the three diseases risking to human health in the world today. And the incidence of Post-stroke depression(PSD)also shows an rapid increase. The incidence of PSD is 20% to 79% out sea, but the majority is 30% to 50%,while 34.2% ~ 76.1% in domestic. The occurrence of PSD not only extend the duration of stroke rehabilitation ,but also increases the recurrence factors ,reduces the quality of life in patients and reduces the proportion of patients return to society. The efficacy of Western medicine is not obvious in some patients, and there is a degree of toxic side effects and withdrawal rebound phenomenon, which reduce the medication compliance of patients. Chinese medicine treatment has been widespread concerned on treating PSD. The aim of this project is to explore the effect and mechanism of Ditan Soupl in treating PSD.Methods: 68 cases of PSD were randomly divided into Ditan Soup group (35 cases) and Prozac group (33cases) who were selected from Neurology clinic outpatient and inpatient of the central hospital of Dandong. The duration from the onset of stroke to be treated was 15 to 60 days. Both groups were treated conventionally for primary neurological disease for 6 weeks. The treatment outcome were evaluated by HAMD and SDS assessment scale; the clinical efficacy were calculated by the reduced rate of HAMD and SDS assessment scale; the content change of IL-6 and TNF-αwere detected by double-antibody sandwich ELISA method. The detection of blood routine tests, urine routine tests, liver biochemical tests, kidney function tests and ECG were checked before and after the treatment.Results: The scores of HAMD and SDS decreased significantly in both of the two treatment groups, after 6w treatment, compared with the untreated scores, and the Ditan Soup group decreased more significantly than the Prozac group. According to the calculation of the reduction rate of Ditan Soup in HAMD and SDS, the efficient of Ditan Soup group was 91.43% in HAMD and 88.57% in SDS, which better than Prozac group. The TNF-αand IL-6 levels were significantly decreased, after 6w treatment in both groups. And the TNF-αand IL-6 levels decreased more significantly in the Ditan Soup group than in the Prozac group. The result of blood routine tests urine routine tests, liver biochemical tests, kidney function tests, ECG were in the normal range.Conclusion: The effect of Ditan Soup in PSD patients is significant, and no obvious side effects; the mechanism could have a relationship with the regulation of the serum cytokine IL-6 and TNF-α.

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