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Compare of Sufentanil and Remifentanil on FTCA during OPCABG

Author ZhouShengZhu
Tutor LiuTieCheng
School Jilin University
Course Clinical
Keywords Pump CABG Fast-track anesthesia Sufentanil Remifentanil
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The fast - track cardiac surgery (fast-tract cardiac surgery, FTCS), the University of Washington since 1993 to anesthesia also made a fast- track cardiac anesthesia (fast - track cardiac anesthesia FTCA ) . This high demand for narcotic : To fully take into account the special characteristics of the pathophysiology of coronary heart disease patients , is necessary to meet a certain depth of anesthesia , hemodynamic stability , but also fast recovery after surgery to achieve early extubation . At present, a more respected remifentanil and sufentanil combined with propofol heart fast track anesthesia , also have extensive literature confirmed , remifentanil and sufentanil combined with propofol can satisfy the heart channel anesthesia needs , compared with the traditional high-dose fentanyl anesthesia reflect a distinct advantage , but for the non - arrest cardiac bypass ( off -pump oronary artery bypass grafing surgery , undergoing CABG surgery. ) , remifentanil and sufentanil what which group is more suitable , superior , and no clear reports . The purpose of this study is to investigate the remifentanil and sufentanil used for the OPCABG fast-track anesthesia effect , the demand for a more reasonable , safe anesthesia program to provide a reference for clinical anesthesia . Select elective OPCAB of 60 patients , ASA Ⅱ - Ⅳ grade were randomly divided into two groups : sufentanil group (S ) and remifentanil group (R group) , after tracking follow-up record postoperative awake time extubation time , ICU time , extubation the restlessness number , and complained of pain the number of intraoperative knows the number , nausea , vomiting and the number of the research innovation point is to focus on communication between anesthesiologists and cardiac surgeons and ICU nurses , develop appropriate standards and in strict accordance with the standards . Results: remifentanil group compared with the sufentanil group , sober time , extubation time and ICU time no significant differences , suggesting that the two groups are suitable for fast channel -pump coronary artery bypass surgery anesthesia but the sufentanil group tracheal extubation period the restlessness number and complained of pain significantly in the number of less than remifentanil group , easier postoperative management .

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