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Xiong body and Philosophy

Author FengMing
Tutor FangGuangHua
School Northwestern University
Course Specialized History
Keywords Xiong Shili Body and Function philosophy Noumenon
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Xiong Shili, the representative of modern new Confucianism, bases upon Chinese traditional Confucianism cultural standard, absords and learns the comprehensive framework and theory category of modern western philosophy. He use the Ti Yong Bu Er Ontology, Xi Pi Cheng Bian Cosmology, Xin Jing Bu Er Epistemology and Tian Ren Bu Er Philosophy to build a Body and Function (77 Yong) philosophy system. The purpose is, establishing the core status of Ontology in philosophy, opposing to replace philosophy with science, to stand Chinese traditional thought cultural, against western cultural attack, rebuild Chinese spirit homeworld, and hereby fundamentally resolve realistic society problems in China.Building the Xiong Shili Body and Function philosophy is in the way of learning from different philosophy system and creating new idea. He establishes his theory foundation of Ti Yong Bu Er in Body and Function philosophy and existing form of Xi Pi Cheng Bian by new annotation of Zhou Yi. Besides, he lays the first stone of inwardness Ontology for his philosophy by criticizing Buddhism Vijbana-vada. Xiong Shili inherits the Si Meng and Wang Yangming shingaku mind, then develops the inwardness Ontology’s content, and makes traditional Confucianism’s Inwardness to have philosophy interest. At the same time, Wang Fuzhi’s spirit of scholarly method and academic idea influents Xiong Shili’s academic life and academic value.However, the Body and Function philosophy, which is with the core of inwardness Ontology, can’t achieve success when new External Emperor (Wai Wang) appears in realistic society. Though there is thinking model problem in it, there is drawback when Chinese traditional thought central ontology and its epistemology to deal with realistic society problems. It is what Xiong Shili has not overcomed. Thereby his thought fruit of Body and Function philosophy falls behind in his period.

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