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Experimental Study of GUI QIN MISTURE on Adriamycin-induced Nephropathy in Rats

Author HanFang
Tutor WuZuoDong
School Dalian Medical University
Course Pediatrics
Keywords Traditional Chinese medicine Adriamycin Rats Lipid peroxidation Experimental study
CLC R285.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: To investigate the therapeutic action of Guiqin Mixture on adriamycin- induced nephropathy in rats.And to analyse the pathogenesis of the Guiqin Mixture.Methods:Firstly,the rats were randomly divided into four groups,which were normal control group,nephritic model group,glucocorticoids treating group and the Chinese Traditional Medicine treating group by the weights of rats. Then according to Bertani’s method, the transformational model of adriamycin nephropathic rats which were induced by injecting adriamycin twice through sublingual vein ,after the dose of adriamycin had been calculated on the rats’weights . And at the same moment,the rats were injected the same volum of physiological saline solution through sublingual vein.Beginning to pour the fluid into stomach when the rats were Minimal Lesion Nephrotic Syndrome through light microscope and electron microscope.To pour the Chinese Traditional Medicine into the stomach of rats in the Chinese Traditional Medicine treating group ,the prednisone acetate into the stomach of rats in glucocorticoids treating group , aqua destillata into the stomach of rats in normal control group and nephritic model group. Then to observe 24h urine protein , serum albumin(Alb)、total protein(TP)、total cholestero(TC)、triglyceride (TG)、blood urea nitrogen (BUN)、serum creatinine (Scr)、malondialdehyde (MDA)、superoxide dismutase (SOD) and total antioxidant capacity (T-AOC). The nephritic tissues were observed through light microscope and electron microscope finally.Result:①Compared with the normal control group, 24h urineprotein、blood lipid levels were significantly elevated, serum Alb and TP levels were significantly reduced, serum BUN was significantly higher, and SOD、T-AOC were lowered, MDA was highered in the model control group. After the second week of pouring the fluid into stomachs, 24h urine protein was descending in all the three grops,except for the normal control group .②Compared with the nephritic model group,the treatment groups greatly reduced the 24h urine protein excretion and improved other biochemical serum indexes- ALB、TP were elevated and TC、TG、BUN were lowered,reduced MDA and increased SOD ,enhanced the T-AOC (P<0.01,P<0.05).③Compared with the glucocorticoids treating group , SOD was enhanced and and blood lipid levels were significantly reduced in the Chinese Traditional Medicine treating group.④The nephritic tissues of rats in normal control group,didn’t been observed any pathological change.In the other three groups,which were nephritic model group,glucocorticoids treating group and the Chinese Traditional Medicine treating group,the kidneies were observed segmental glomerulosclerosis. Under light microscope ,obvious adhesion was observed between glomeruli and bowmanps capsule with increased mesangial matrix , accompanied with much lipid droplet.The other renal tissues pathological changes under light microscope ( HE staining) also could be observed: podocytes were swollen ; blood capillaries were collapsed; protein casts and obvious lymphocyte were infiltrated in the renal interstitium; nephric tubule were atrophy ,as well as the formation of collagen fibers.The renal tissues pathological changes under electron microscope could be observed that the foot process fused widely and disappeared,the subpodocyticspace disappeared ,part of epithelial foot process fractured, mesangial cell were obvious hyperplasia, the glomerular basement membrane were incrassation. The renal tissues pathological changes in nephritic model group was more serious than in other three grops.Conclusion:①The reformative mold of Adriamycin-induced Nephropathy in Rats can imitate nephrotic syndrome .The experiment observed the Minimal Lesion Nephrotic Syndrome rats can not be recvered finally by themselves.②The article expounded the Guiqin Mixture and prednisone acetate have favorable effects of lowering blood lipids , decreasing lipid peroxide.And Guiqin Mixture is better than prednisone acetate in lowering lood lipids and decreasing lipid peroxide.③The pathogenesis of Guiqin Mixture on adriamycin nephropathic rats is that ameliorating the pathophysiology of nephrotic syndrome, adjusting the balance between oxidation system and antioxidation system.④Guiqin Mixture can restrain glomeruli from sclerosing.⑤O n the basis of therapeutic process in traditional Chinese medical science,different staging of symptoms need different kinds of Chinese medicine and different doses of Chinese medicine.So the exact therapeutic effect of the Guiqin Mixture is demonded some further experiments.

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