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Research on the Development Status and Countermeasures of the Folklore Sport Curriculum Resource in Universities of Shanxi Province

Author LiZhuLi
Tutor GuoQiongZhu
School Xiamen University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Universities Sports of folk custom Course resources Development Status Countermeasures
CLC G807.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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It was explicitly pointed out in 2002 "National Ordinary College Sports Curriculum Teaching Instruction Summary"that: The sports curriculum teaching material should manifest the fitness, the cultural property, the selectivity, the effectiveness, the scientific nature, the acceptability, meanwhile must manifest the contemporaneity, the expansibility, the national characteristic and the Chinese characteristic, when wants, develops and uses each kind of curriculum resources is the important way which as circumstances permit the curriculum constructs. This enhanced the sports course content multiplicity enormously, interesting, the national characteristic and the local characteristics, also has provided the basis for the ordinary university folk custom sports curriculum resources’ development.This research utilization documentation methods and interview methods, survey methods and so on , take the university start folk custom sports curriculum’s necessity and the feasibility as the research logical beginning, have outlined the curriculum resources, the sports curriculum resources primary meaning and the classification briefly, to the folk custom sports’s concept, the characteristic, the classification carried on has combed. And from the human resources, the project resources, the facility resources and the information resource four aspects has conducted the investigation and study to the Shanxi Province ordinary university folk custom sports curriculum resources’ development present situation, proposed the folk custom sports curriculum resource development use principle and the countermeasure. Resulets:(1) At present, in the Shanxi ordinary university’s undergraduate course colleges and universities there are only 10.8% of them have opened the folk custom sports curriculum, mostly the folk custom sports only exist in the physical education in the warming-up exercise or the after school activity, is also weak to the folk custom sports curriculum resources’ development.(2) Shanxi Province ordinary university gym instructor gives the high affirmation to the folk custom sports’s fitness value, thought that the folk custom sports has the very good prospects for development, in the ordinary university start folk custom sports curriculum is necessary, is also feasible, and indicated is willing to undertake the folk custom sports promotion work; But grasps to the folk custom sports theory and the technology is also quite defective, waits for in enters the step the enhancement.(3) Shanxi Province ordinary university students have the high approval to the folk custom sports and enjoy them, but because lacks of effective organization, location equipment, teacher’s factor and so on instruction restrictions, major part schoolmate participates in the school and the social folk custom sports are few.(4) Shanxi Province ordinary university leads to opens the folk custom sports curriculum to hold the support manner as a whole, but in fact to supports the development folk custom sports curriculum resources dynamics to be insufficient. At the same time, has not been able to display the instructor, community political instructor fully schools and so on folk inside and outside entertainer other human resources function, makes up on teachers’ insufficiency.(5) In Shanxi Province the total number of the entertainment, interesting, valueable in body-building folk custom sports items is approximately to more than 70, and obtains the very good development in the social activity, but each big university does not have in the sports curriculum resource development’s process proper to take seriously.(6) Shanxi Province ordinary university folk custom sports location equipment lacks seriously, the teacher and the student also basically are at the blank condition to its development use, therefore to the folk custom sports location equipment’s development is also the most important.(7) Shanxi Province ordinary university folk custom sports information resource existence’s form is quite monotonous, the way of using the gym instructor information resource is very few, and the massive resources waste has become a very serious phenomenon.

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