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Two degrees of freedom the manipulator control System Design and realization

Author ZengYan
Tutor PengXiaFu;ZengChunZhi
School Xiamen University
Course Control Engineering
Keywords Manipulator Automatic control PID control Fuzzy Logic Self-organizing fuzzy controller
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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In the 20th century 30-40 era, Nyquist, Byrd, Wiener, etc. person's writings of for the automatic control the theory of the initial formation of laid the foundation for; quadratic World War II Later, over a multitudinous scholars of efforts, formed a relatively complete the automatic control system design the frequency of law theory and the root locus law theory. This kind to establish in the frequency Legalist and the root locus method based on the's theory, often referred to as classical control theory. With modern science and technology is developing rapidly, the control object, the controller as well as control tasks and purpose of the's increasingly complex, in order to mathematical modeling and numerical calculated as the-based classical control theory facing many new problems, such as: Calculate the complexity Xing the dramatic increase in ; modeling increasing difficulties in big; multi-input and the input information diversification of; of nonlinear systems control, etc., so the was born in order to state space law-based modern control theory. Compared with classical control theory, the modern control theory's using a wider range, It can be suitable for single variable of the, linear, fixed often, continuous's system, but also can be suitable for multi-variable of the, nonlinear's, time-varying, discrete 's system. As science and technology's leaps and bounds, right industrial process control have become increasingly demanding high, not only asked to control the accuracy of the, pay more attention control the the robustness of the, real-time Xing, fault tolerance Xing as well as pairs of control parameters's adaptive and learning ability. In addition, the need to control the's industrial process become increasingly complex, industrial process severe nonlinearities and uncertainty, so that many system is unable to using mathematical model accurately describe the, the modern control methods facing unprecedented challenges. To solve the above modern control systems the existing problems, the \In recent years, thanks to computer science technology and smart information processing's high - speed development, the intelligent control theory and intellectualized Systems Development very rapidly. Of which representativeness the theory of there are expert system, fuzzy logic control, neural network control, genetic algorithm, chaos control and so on. Fuzzy logic control as an intelligent the control of one kinds important method of, in recent years has developed rapidly. Fuzzy control is essentially yes one kinds nonlinear control, it uses fuzzy language describe the system, both can describe the application systematic quantitative models can also be describe its qualitative model, so the fuzzy logic applicable Yu arbitrarily complex objects control. This paper By studying the fuzzy control theory the development and application, contrast PID algorithms and other fuzzy control algorithm, expounded self - organizing fuzzy control method advantage. This article uses the MATLAB simulation self - organizing fuzzy control algorithm pairs of two degrees of freedom manipulator the control of, describing developments since organizing fuzzy control algorithm the feasibility and effectiveness. In order to verify this paper the proposed self-organizing fuzzy controller's feasibility, I study the production of a set of two degrees of freedom mechanical arm control system in order to assess fuzzy self-organizational control the feasibility of. Experiments results confirmed that, self-organizing fuzzy controller in reducing the manipulator joint space trajectory tracking error on the, than the traditional fuzzy controller has better control performance.

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