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Regarding Market and Management Risk Analysis of Die-casting Household Electrical Appliances

Author YangKun
Tutor YuXu
School Jilin University
Course Industrial Engineering
Keywords Casting appliances Market analysis Risk Analysis
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The development of the die-casting home appliances is associated with the rapid development of the global economy, at the same time, the development of the global economy drives the development of die-casting home appliances. Although the die-casting home appliances has large market and demand. Investment in the research and design of die-casting home appliances, production and sales, there are many risks. It is necessary to make objective analysis and give effectual solving means, it can make the corporation become bigger and stronger.In the case of economic globalization, the market also is rapidly changing, analyse the statistic data of importing home appliance from 2005 to first half year of 2008, the iron, sandwich, etc., represented by die-casting home appliances maintains market demand each year about twenty to twenty-five million units. And the demand will increase by a speed of 10-15% every year in the future of 3 to 5 years.The strong market demand attracts many appliance manufacturers and investors enter the field. But the market is rapidly changing, the chance and the risk exist at the same time, you must master the market if you want to invest the die-casting home appliance. And identify the investing risk, and conduct reliable action to obtain steady development.By analyse the current demand in the internal and international market, and the production, quality states of the internal manufacturer. We summarize the investment risk of home appliances that may exist in the field of:1).The risk of Market positioning and marketing strategyThe international market can be divided into different area and different country, in different area or different country, the demand quantity, appliance requirement and the profit margin are different. if the products do not have an accurate market positioning, there will have risk on sales business. these risks include: the product type is different from the market demand to make the appliance is unsalable; the quality cannot meet the market’s demand to result in rejection of the batch and indemnity; and products with a large number of sales can not see too many single-earned profits, even lead to the bad. 2).R & D riskR&D also needs to clear market demand, acclimate the market’s demand to conduct the product research and design. At present, the salable product in the market is low grade, as a result of fierce competiton, a very small profit margin. If enterprises engaged in production of low grade product for a long time, it is difficult to ensure that long-term and stable business.3).The risk of product manufacturing processLooking at the current domestic enterprise producing die-casting home appliance, its management model are old-fashioned, low efficiency and low quality. The production can not control the cost effectively and ensure the product quality. It will bring many risks for the production and sales business.4).Competition riskAs the lower technique requirement for the die-casting appliance, the most of product’s technique has been perfect, so many of the business or individuals have invested, leading to increasing competition in the industry. The competition not only in the market share and price but also in product research and production. Some relatively high level of engineering and technology companies are investing in the development of new alternative products, it will bring tremendous business pressure and risk for other companies.By analyse market information, after confirm the market risk in the future, how positive and effective response to these risks will be enterprises or investors need to pay attention to the focus. We combine successful experience of other industries and related to scientific theory, the use of SWOT, 6SIGMA and modern industrial engineering to make some of basic strategy for dealing with the risk:1).Refining market, objective evaluationAim at the rapidly changing market of the die-casting appliance, we need to divide into different market accurately and give an objective evaluation, to understand the characteristic and needs of different market, sell suitable product to meet market and user demand, the product will be salable.2).The low grade product ensures saleroom, profit in the medium and high grade product By analyse market information, at present, the low grade still occupy the mainstream consumer market, so the investment of die-casting home appliances still is proceed from the low grade products to high grade products for the profit of a breakthrough, and actively in the development of new high grade products. To satisfy the people’s increasing demand for products.3).Strict process control, improve product qualityWhen the product grade and price are at the same level, how to improve the product profits and change the mode of production, the pursuit of lean manufacturing to reduce the cost of poor quality is a very good choice. Apply modern industrial engineering theory,a positive analysis of production processes and the elimination of its waste to achieve the purpose of increasing profits. A the same time,improve the product quality also is a strategy to seize the market. Apply the management methods in the 6SIGMA theory,improve the problem point of product to make the product perfect and steady.4).Give priority to mainstream product and encouraging creativityIn the production and sale of the mainstream products on the market, at the same time, enterprises also need to actively carry out product innovation. The corporation shall conduct product innovation, research and design more full-featured, the appearance of a more beautiful, more tailored products, satisfy the consumer’s demand and lead to the direction of industry development, to ensure the corporation management can last for a long time.The several strategies for applying the investment risk of die-casting home appliance are feasible and practical from the view of market demand and internal environment. There is sufficient market demand to ensure that the products can be a good sales after investing. The theory and tooling for improving have a well application in other industries, and obtain huge success, coupled with the policy of emphasizing and supporting corporation’s independent innovation in our country, so the risks response strategies discussed above are entirely feasible.The market is rapidly changing, the product also is developing. If you want to reduce the investing risk of die-casting home appliance, you shall pay attention to the market and time to identify new risks, adjust the response strategies to ensure the rapid development of enterprises and reduce the investment risk.

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