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Feasibility Study of Sewage Treatment Plant in the Chemical Industry Area of Tianjin Development Zone

Author LiuZhenJiang
Tutor JiMin;ZhangHuiYuan
School Tianjin University
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords sewage treatment MBBR phosphorus and nitrogen removal nitrification denitrification
CLC X703
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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With the growing population and rapid economic development, China’s facing the increasingly serious problem of environmental pollution, especially water pollution become more prominent. In order to prevent discharges of pollution to the environment, since the 1990s, China’s construction of a large number of urban sewage treatment plants, all kinds of new sewage treatment process at this time also the large scale introduction of China, which prompted China’s sewage treatment process theory Levels have been rapidly improving. This paper describes the chemical zone in Tianjin Development Zone sewage treatment plant introduction of foreign sewage treatment process - MBBR, although this technology is not currently abroad the latest, most advanced, but the refractory industrial wastewater treatment effect is very good, in There are many domestic application of the successful application of precedent.In this paper, at home and abroad fully aware of the status of urban sewage treatment and technical levels. Tianjin Development Zone chemicals for the actual situation, through the sewage treatment plant service area status water consumption, water consumption and the recent long-term water demand projections, identified the handling of the sewage treatment plant scale. Under the comprehensive quality of the sewage in the investigation to determine water quality of plant design; according to the local environmental protection departments of the requirements established factory effluent quality.This article multianalysis sewage factory has entered in the water the pollutant constitution, introduced in view of each kind of pollutant’s elimination craft, had designated three kinds of suit in this factory water technology: Refers to industrial park sewage treatment technical process which and Sewage treatment plant movement practice domestic resembling resembles, proposed that the anaerobic hydrolisis - good oxygen biochemistry - chemistry flocculation pneumatic aeration biofilter craft (i.e. plan one), the anaerobic hydrolisis - two level of good oxygen biochemistry - chemistry flocculation, the precipitation, the filtration craft (i.e. plan two) and regulating reservoir - MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) - AS (active sludge law) (i.e. plan three) carries on the preliminary contrast. And from the project total investment, operational guidance’s aspects and so on conveniences and efficient, craft movement’s reliability, area carries on the comparison, determines the MBBR craft finally for this factory sewage treatment craft.In this paper, the ultimate proof of the chemical zone in Tianjin Development Zone sewage treatment plants use the sewage treatment process MBBR technology routes for the region, the actual situation of the plant, technologically advanced, economical and practical, safe and reliable and feasible.

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