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Study on Copper Catalyzed C-X (N, O, S) Cross-Coupling Reactions

Author FengYang
Tutor LiYaMing
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Fine Chemicals
Keywords Ullmann reaction copper catalyzed ligand cross coupling reactions
CLC O643.32
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Formation of C(aryl)-N,C(aryl)-O,C(aryl)-S bonds are important in synthetic organic chemistry stemming from the varity of many compounds containing C-X(N,O,S) bond in pharmaceuticals and polymer materials.In the last decade,copper-catalyzed Ullmann-type cross coupling reactions have become a principle method for organic synthesis.Based on the previous work on copper-catalyzed C-N coupling reaction,copper catalyzed C-S,C-N,C-O coupling reactions were studied.After the optimization of the reaction conditions such as ligands,solvents,copper salts, bases,the ratio of copper to ligand,etc,an efficient catalytic system composed of 20 mol% 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-8-hydroxyquinoline with 10 mol%CuBr was found.The catalytic system promoted the C-S coupling reaction under 80℃or milder condition.The catalytic system successfully promoted the coupling of aryl iodides and activated aryl bromides with both aryl and aliphatic thiols,and gave isolated yields at 62-99%.Further more,the system which had a good chemoselectivity tolerated various functional groups such as -Ac,-CN,-OMe,-OH, -NH2,-CHO,etc.A possible mechanism for copper-catalyzed C-S coupling reaction was discussed.H acid,a compound with good water-solubility and ecnomic ability,was found as a ligand used for copper-catalyzed C-N coupling reaction in water.CuCl2/H acid/TBAB catalytic system had a certain effect and catalyze the coupling of iodobenzene with benzyl amine with a HPLC yield of 46%.Using CuCl as catalyst,o-aminophenol derivatives were studied as ligands in copper catalyzed C-O coupling reaction.After a series of optimization and experiments,isolated yields of 48-68%were obtained.Further studies on these ligands used in copper catalyzed C-O coupling reaction were needed for the limitation of the structures they had.In conclusion,a mild and efficient catalytic system was developed for copper-catalyzed C-S bond formation.Copper-catalyzed C-N coupling reaction in water and C-O coupling reaction were also studied.

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