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Research on Visitor’s Disruptive Behavior and the Design Strategies of Free Admission Park

Author PengLi
Tutor ZhangJianLin
School Southwestern University
Course Ornamental Plants and Horticulture
Keywords Free Admission Park Visitors Disruptive Behavior Chongqing City Design Countermeasure
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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City park(Urban park),as the name implies,which is located in downtown,that,provided a place to populace to sightseeing,relaxation and leisure.Initial city park appeard in the western countries.Combination the definition of park and the earliest city park,"opening&free" is the city park’s basic characteristic.But in China,because of the social and historical reasons,needed buy tickets to play in a park in the past.With the social progress and development of city parks,open, which has being the inevitable development trend of city parks,in China.Since 2001,open park and free has being a popular wave in whole country,which has been widely welcomed.Simultaneously,with the city parks being free,emerged some problems,such as, difficult for park managers to maintain normal development by losting tickets sales,park environmental has being destruction for the large number of tourists,old park’s facilities can’t meet the needs of visitors.These problems,which stint the park’s development,need to be solved right now.This paper attempts to inquire about the answer of this question from the design angle,stands in designer’s standpoint,findout the reason of the resonsideration makes this kind of aspect.Through the preliminary park investigation and the literature material’s consult analysis,author discovery that, after the park opens,the sharp increased tourist quantity causes the tourist to intensify regarding the park environment act of sabotage.In situation of park’s administration incapable,this destructive behavior is highlights,thus has caused the park’s landscape quality decline,the park environment been destroyed.Therefore,chosing the free admission park’s visitors’s destructive behavior becomes this paper’s main study object.In usual viewa,study of behavior,seemd that insufficient theory depth,very difficult to obtain researcher’s value.However,the time has entrusted with the topic new research value:the "silent demand" of tourist’s behavior research also has reflected "the user-friendly design" rightly from new side of the exploration;take this as a breach,conducts the free admission park environment optimization design research from the new angle of view,provides the reference for the free admission park construction and the transformation.Visitors’s destructive behavior is a new topic.Take "found the problem,analysis questions, solve the problem" as clues,after initially establishes the visitors’s destructive behavior basic theory, take Chongqing model free admission park as the main investigation scope,studies the visitors’s destructive behavior’s general character and the characteristic.According to the above researchs, discusses based on the visitors’s destructive behavior research,free admission park environment used appraisal factor.Unifies the park plan design to give in view of the visitors’s destructive behavior design countermeasure,and discussed "Park Design Standard"(1993) to the open city park’s design instruction.Finally,puts forward the free admission park’s optimization design orienting proposal. The framework of the paper isroughly as following:Chapter one:The introduction,mainly elaborates the importance topic,elaborated the object of the study,and establish the research technique and the implementation frame of the paper.Chapter tow:Visitors’s destructive behavior research.Mainly centers on the visitors’s destructive behavior’s basic theory to launch,limits the visitors’s destructive behavior the concept and the range of study,and,in the preliminary investigation and study and the literature reorganize in the foundation,analyzes the reason of the visitors’s destructive behavior’s characteristic and produces (the internal cause:The visitors to alleviate own pressure subjective consciousness;External factor: Park administration level,design insufficiency,park distribution with visitors crowded).It provides the rationale for the visitors’s destructive behavior pointed investigates and studies on the spot and the analysis after that.Chapter three:Chongqing free admission park visitors’s destructive behavior investigation and study.Take Chongqing free admission park as the example,take studied the park’s visitors’s major activity content as the foundation,the investigation and study has analyzed the characteristic which and the rule in Chongqing park the different type visitors’s destructive behavior occurred.Provides the basis for the free admission park’s environment health appraisal factor’s discussion and the design countermeasure’s research.According to the preamble basic study and the investigation and study analysis,propose our first-level factors of affect the free admission park environment used appraisal.Chapter four:Mainly conducts the research on the free admission park’s design optimization. Discussed design countermeasure against the visitors’s destructive behavior;Contrasted "Park Design Standard"(1993) and the free admission park with investigation and study,has discussed non-local points between "Park Design Standard" and design practice.Unifies the park design to put forward the free admission park’s design guidance proposal to expect to be a reference function for the open city park’s construction.Chapter five:The conclusion,carries on the review and the forecast to this research topic.The innovations of the research are summed as follows: 1) Put forward the free admission park’s visitors’s destructive behavior’s concept,exploration summarized the free admission park visitors’s behavior’s basic research theory.2) Proposed that the free admission park’s environment health appraisal factors.Explore the free admission park environment health appraisal for the constructed city parks.3) Obtains design countermeasure of the visitors’s destructive behavior,provides the reference for the existing free admission park transformation and construction.4) Proposed the free admission park’s design guidance to suggest,to provide the relative science’s design reference to the await construction free admission park.

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