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Finite Element Analysis on Structure of Automotive Sunroof

Author ZhengHai
Tutor HanYingChun
School Jilin University
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords Sunroof Contact Finite Element Analysis Motion Mechanism
CLC U463.83
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Automotive Electronic Sunroof is the largest and the most complex components in body accessories and is a high-tech product of electromechanical integration.It has advantages of ventilation,the wide field of vision,etc.,so it has been used in more and more cars.In the past five years,with the rapid development of Chinese automotive industry,total production has leapt to third in the world,of which the production of cars has exceeded 2.5 million.In order to meet the needs of consumers,the production of cars with the sunroof increases,in urgent need of matching of domestic enterprises in car sunroof.More than 80% of the domestic market in car sunroof is still monopolized by Webasto Roof System Company from Germany.Now although there is more than ten enterprises producing car sunroof in small serial production mode in Guangdong,Zhejiang,Jiangsu and other places,but are mechanical imitation,imitated,do not have their own capability of independent development,lack of market competitiveness.Though various plants and research institution in Domestic have enhanced the study of sunroof products to meet the current needs of the domestic market,but the research level in domestic has certain disparity compared with the level of foreign.At present,there have been a lightweight sunroof product which entirely use full-plastic motion actuator,the weight of this lightweight sunroof structure decreased 25 percent compared with traditional sunroof of Webasto which is authority in Overseas,5 percent reduction in the number of parts.It has smooth operation,reduced noise,but the manufacturing costs can be reduced by 15 percent.However,light-weight sunroof product structure,in particular,the structure of full-plastic motion actuator,the study of which remains at the level of the copy in domestic.In order to break the blockade of the technology and market monopoly from Foreign companies,enhance the autonomy of the key products in the domestic auto parts and own capability of independent development in domestic car sunroof competitiveness,and overcome the drawbacks of blind imitation,we must build our own R&D platform for car sunroof and technological innovation based on modern design methods.This article is the introduction of a combination of basic research through "the introduction - digestion and absorption - enhance innovation" R & D model,development for the car sunroof in the focus of key technical problems,the application of finite element method for the executing finite element analysis of the motion actuator,aimed at simplifying the implementation of the sunroof structure design and overall lightweight,so that the new motion actuator meets the performance requirements.In order to research and develop high-performance products,improve the technical performance of electric sunroof,there is a need to work on the structure form of sunroof products devices,to execute a comprehensive calculation and analysis about the process of sunroof motion designed to provide theoretical and technical support,and promote upgrading and updating of products and improve the level of localization in domestic. This study includes the following areas:1. This paper introduces the development of electric cars,research status at home and abroad,by comparing the new sunroof with the old sunroof,further expounds the advancement of a new type electric sunroof,introducts a number of standard about sunroof performance test,discusses the process about the design of plastic parts.2. This paper introduces the basic theory of the finite element analysis,the application of dynamic finite element in the design of motor vehicles.Mainly discussing the development of non-linear finite element,and concentrates in expounding contact problem,introduces the characteristics of ALGOR software in the contact analysis.3. Expounds systematically advancement about the structure of a new type electric sunroof,discussed the motion principle of motion actuator.Through analyzing the open of sunroof,extracting motion actuator,calculating the equivalent load of mechanism.Through simplifying treatment of components in motion actuator,setting up the equivalent mechanical model of the motion actuator.Through repeated simulations test,obtain the right value of contact stiffness at the contact position between the channel and the slider. To the contact between the channel and the slider,make the analysis and simplification.4. Using ALGOR Mechanical Event Simulation Module to exercise dynamic finite element analysis of motion actuator.By comparison of the calculation results of height reduction Pre-and Post,the ADAMS simulation results were analyzed to achieve the results analysis and verification of the parameters design.Through stress diagram and stress curve change of channel,contact site,maximum stress point, etc.,analyzing the process of mechanism operation.,obtain stress distribution of mechanism operation process,presenting factors of influencing mechanism operation.The research results of this paper provides a theoretical basis for analysis and design to the domestic car sunroof using full-plastic motion actuator for the first time.The study result has guiding significance for upgrading and updating of car sunroof products,and for plastic structural design.

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