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Research About Impact on Rural Credit Behavior from the Social Capital

Author LiuYanXia
Tutor LiAiXi
School Zhejiang University of Finance
Course Finance
Keywords Social Capital Credit Behavior Farmers’Quality Repayment Will Repayment Ability Structural Equation Model
CLC F224
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The issue of the rural financial infrastructure construction is the support of development of rural economy, the rural credit system construction is a necessary component of rural financial development. In recent years, the rural credit system construction is in a more and more important position in the academia and government agencies, rural credit system construction is not only the requirement of the rural financial institutions risk management, but also the effective solution which meets the financing need of farmers.However, at the present, there are several unavoidable issues in basic theory research and related policy implementation results of rural credit system construction. Therefore, farmers’credit evaluation technology research at the base of farmers’credit behavior has a very important significance. In this paper, we choose farmers’credit behavior as the analysis object by using the structural equation model as the empirical test, mainly including the following several parts:The first part is the introduction. Mainly includes: the research background, the goal and significance of research , the current situation of the literature research, the research content and the research method, the sources of data and innovations.The second part is farmers’credit behavior mechanism research based on the perspective of social capital, the main content includes: (1) the definition of the social capital; (2) the constraint mechanism of farmers’credit behavior from social capital; (3) the incentive mechanism of farmers’credit behavior from social capital.The third part is the influencing factors analysis of the peasant household credit behavior, the main content includes: (1) the index analysis of farmers’social capital factor; (2) the index analysis of farmers’reimbursement intend factor; (3) the index analysis of farmers’reimbursement ability factor.The fourth part is the empirical analysis of the impact of farmers’credit behavior from social capital. Mainly including the instruction, identification, fitting, modifications and conclusion explanation of model: (1) the farmers’social capital has stronger effects on repayment will of the peasant households, which has a positive correlation between their social capital and repayment will, there is the certain relevance between their social capital and repayment ability; (2) from the investigation and statistics result, the higher farmers’degree of culture, the less farmers’lending needs; (3) because of the dual role the constraints and incentive mechanism of social capital, farmers are more rational about their choice of credit behavior.The fifth part is according to the conclusion, constructing the index system model of farmers’credit behavior evaluation using AHP, analysising the best choice of farmers’credit behavior, and putting forward several suggestions of therural credit system construction.The innovation points of this paper are: (1) social capital has a unique Angle of view and advantage in the analysis on the countryside, therefore, we choose this theory to better explain farmers’credit behavior choice from themselves. (2) by using the questionnaire method we have the data, which is reliable, we use the structure equation model for empirical test, analyse the role of social capital in farmers’credit behavior choice. (3) we establish peasant household credit behavior evaluation index system by using the AHP method, fully considering the relationship among index of all factors, the index weight value more according with farmers’actual status, providing the reference for farmers’credit rating.

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