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Heritability of Juvenile Growth and Tolerance to Environmental Factors for Pseudosciaena Crocea

Author HeXiangRong
Tutor WangXiaoQing
School Hunan Agricultural University
Course Fishery resources
Keywords Large Yellow Croake(Pseudosciaena crocea) Juvenile growth Environmental factors Tolerance test Heritability
CLC S917.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Pseudosciaena crocea is a important economical fish only belong to China.The breeding quality of Pseudosciaena crocea is faced with slowing growth,individual miniaturization, downing antidisease,and so on,duing to lack of effective manage measures.It must be cried for improving its variety quality to cultivate fasting growth,high survival,better antidisease, adapt to intensivism culturing.Heritability is the important genetic characters with researching and developing quantity traits.The estimation of heritability has direct meannning to discuss select effect,assess breeding value rightly,constitute breeding project,as a basic work in select breeding of aquatic animals.In this study,the heritability of body length and body weight in Pseudosciaena crocea was estimated by means of intra group correlation of full-sibs at 40 days after hatching.Three sires and nine dams were mated by an artificial insemination technique and nesting balance design.Test on the tolerance to low-salinity,low-oxygen and low-pH water in 15 half sib family of Pseudosciaena crocea,and the estimation of heritability of tolerance to the every environmental factors were performed.Causal components of phenotypic variance were calculated with the GLM(General Linear Model)procedure of SAS9.0 software.The results showed the heritabilities of body weight and body length were 0.30,0.28, 0.29 respectively.The heritability of two characters did not reach prominent level by t checkout. The fries all died between 2.5-10 h as the oxygen changed from 4.76 to 1.21 mg/L,1-30 h as the salinity from 8.05 to 9.03%o,1-8 h as the value of pH from 4.49 to 5.20.The heritability of tolerance to low-oxygen,low-salinity,low-pH were 0.23,0.10,0.23,respectively.The heritability on low-oxygen and low-pH reached prominent level but low-salinity by t checkout.The results showed that it have very impotant direct meaning to select breeding by the heritability of quantity traits and threshold value traits,and to quicken improving variety quality and yield,accelerat healthy development and upgrade industrial technique in the artifical culturing of Pseudosciaena crocea.

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