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Studies on the Physiological and Biochemical Characters of Virus-free and Common Apple in Vitro

Author WuYuXia
Tutor ChangYongYi
School Gansu Agricultural University
Course Pomology
Keywords apple virus-free tude seedling common tude seedling rooting physiological and biochemical characteristics
CLC S661.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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At first, the experiment examined the effect of different auxin on rooting of virus-free Huahong、Pink lady、and Yanfu No.1 apple in virto.The results showed that the suitable rooting medium of Huahong was 1/2MS+2.0mg/L AC+2.0mg/L IBA, the rooting rate reached 93.33%, average plant height was 4.28cm, root length was 5.61cm and the No. of root was 3.43; The suitable rooting medium of Pink Lady was 1/2MS+2.0mg/L AC+2.0mg/L IBA, the rooting was 96.55%, the average plant height was 4.28cm, root length was 5.75cm, the No. of root was 3.64; The suitable rooting medium of Yanfu No.1 was 1/2MS+2.0mg AC+0.5mg/L IAA +1.0mg/L IBA, the rooting rate reached 83.33%, the average plant height was 4.14cm, root length was 5.61cm,and the number of root was 3.11.After rooting, obtaining the complete plantlet, the research started to study the effect of virus on physiological and biochemical characters of apple tube plantlet. And compared the changes of the chlorophyll, MDA, Pro, soluble protein and the SOD, POD, CAT activity varieties of virus-free and common apple in vitro.The main results were as follows:1. With the growth period increased, the chlorophyll contents of apple tube seedling increased gradually. In the entire growth period, the chlorophyll contents of virus-free Huahong and Pink Lady were significantly higher than the common seedling, the increase amplitude can respectively reach 13.16~47.06% and 23.67~77.78%. During the early growth stage, the virus-free and common Yanfu No.1 plantlet had no obvious difference.But at Late Growth stage the difference was significant. The increase amplitude for Yanfu No.1 was 5.65~26.17%.2. The MDA conments of three varieties were always lower than corresponding common seedling in entire growth stage.It indicated that the virus-free apple tube seedling had stronger resisting membrane lipid peroxidation than the common plantlet.3. Compared with the common plantlet, the virus-free apple tube seedling had high nitrogen metabolism.In the late growth stage, the Pro, soluble proteins contents and NR activity of three virus-free varieties were all higher than the corresponding common seedling.Difference was extremely significant. The increase amplitude of Yanfu No.1 was more obvious than the other. 4. The protective enzymes of the three varieties all showed the tendency of increasing firstly and then decreasing rapidly. Different varieties had various maximum values and period appeared of enzyme activity.And the SOD,POD,CAT activity of virus-free varieties were alway higher than the conventional seedling at different degree. Under the same conditions, the change law of SOD and CAT was consistent.The SOD, CAT activity of Huahong reached maximum after the inoculation for 36d, which were 44d for Pink Lady and Yanfu No.1. In addition the POD activity of Huahong and Yanfu No.1 reached maximum after the inoculation for 44d, and which were 52d for Pink Lady. Comparing with the common seedling, the enzyme activity of the virus-free seedling which increase amplitude were various for the different cultivars.

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