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Studies on Grape Callus Cultivation Produce Resveratrol

Author JiangFeng
Tutor YangGuoShun
School Hunan Agricultural University
Course Pomology
Keywords Grape Resveratrol HPLC Callus Precursor Elicito
CLC S663.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Resveratrol(trans-3,4’,5-trihydoystilbene),as a phytoalexin,exists in berry peel of most grapes cultivars and its synthesis was stimulated by the uV ray,fungal infection and mechanical effects on human health.The present researches show that it possesses many kinds of physiological activities,such as cancer chemopreventive activity,protective effect on cardiovascular system,antibacterial and adjust fattiness in blood.To establish the grape peel were employ as explants,researches on zhe biosynthesis and modulation.The main result gained in the study were as follows:1.The testing methods of resveratrol in grape were determined by means of high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC) with the content of the tender leaf,ripe leaf,old leaf,tender peel and the ripe peel with the same grape cultivar.2.Choose the resveratrol contents higher grapes organ as the hurt organization guidance.Have sifted out the best guiding the culture medium formula the hurting organization.The result outside content resveratrol difference not to be big.Y6 was used as the explants of cell culture.3.Different carbon source,nitrogen,growth regulating substance,KH2PO4 and organic addition were added to media.The results show as follow:In the day culture,the optimal medium for the callus growth and Res content is B5 medium,40mmol/L(NH4+:NO3-为1:1),40g/L sucrose,6mg/L NAA,0.6mg/L6-BA,150mg/L peptone,0.5mmol/L L-phenylalanine.At 25℃,after culture for 24d,the total biomass reached 50.21g/L and the res content is 438.143μg/g,the all res content is 22.025mg/L,2.4 and 2.6 times of control.4.The enzymatic activities of Res could be stimulated by uV radiation in grape cell Culture.It was advantageous to resveratrol synthesis after ultraviolet irradiation for 30mins,IW=15W,ID=25cm.The contents of resveratrol were incease for 5times. That the body having studied certain L-phenylalanine is front,the content of resveratrol is to contrast 2.1 times of group.

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