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Effects of Salt Stress on Seed Germination and Physiological and Biochemical-properties of Seedlings in Oil-Sunflower

Author PeiHuaiDi
Tutor ChenBingDong
School Gansu Agricultural University
Course Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords soil saltions contents Helianthus annuus L seedling growth physiology indices
CLC S565.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The oil-sunflower is known as the pioneer crop grew on Salinity Soil. it has high economic value and certain tolerance to Saline-alkali, so it is one of minority economic crops which was used for developing saline-alkaline land and treating saline-alkaline land biologically. We chose the secondary salinization soil in Irrigation District of Yindaruqin Project, set different soil saltions contents, took potted oil-sunflower as the subject and studied on the physiological indicators of root with different growth stages. In order to seek physiological accommodation of the whole growth period of oil-sunflower, and provide some feasible theories for the field management, breeding work, saline land improvement and so on. The results as follows:1. Effects of salt stress on seed germination of oil-sunflower were analysed. The results showed that: Compared with CK, under the different temperation and different concentrations of single salt solution of NaCl, NaHCO3 and mixed salt solution of NaCl and NaHCO3 treatments, the time of germination were prolonged, germination trend and germination rate both decreased with salt concentration increased.The order of stress degree was NaCl>NaHCO3+NaCl>NaHCO3。2. Effects of salt stress on seedling growth and physiological and biochemical indexes were analysed. The results showed that: under salt stress condition, there was an obvious physiological index adaptation value while salt content was 5.5~6.0g/kg in soil by physiologically regulated themselves. However, when the salt content was greater than 6.5g/kg, the capability of physiological regulation was declined significantly. Biological yield and economic yield were also reduced significantly.3. Effects of salt stress on the harvesting index of oil-sunflower were analysed. The results showed that it has significant influence on growth periods with the increase of soil salt content. compared with CK, under different salt tolerance condition, The order of influence degree on each growth stages of oil-sunflower were: harvesting period, blooming stage, squaring period, seeding period, prolonging 10days, 10days, 8days and 6days respectively. With the effects of soil salt contents, the growth period of oil-sunflower was delayed, the plant height, branches diameters, pryweight and freshweight of aboveground and root and 1000-grain weight were declined significantly.

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