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The Research on Deep Mechanized Fertilizer Experiment

Author TaoKaiYuan
Tutor WangFenE
School Gansu Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords fertilizer deep fertilizer mechanization technology experiment
CLC S233.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The aim of the deep mechanized fertilizer technology is to put quantitative chemical fertilizer into the intensive root site of crop,so that it can be fully absorbed by the crop,and also significantly reduce the volatile components of fertilizer to achieve the purposes that fully use of fertilizer and raise production.The deep mechanized fertilizer technology is a relatively complicated technology,and agricultural machines must be used to promote the use of this technology.Because natural conditions,economic infrastructure,way of production,farming practices are vary in different area,the popularization and application effects of deep mechanized fertilizer technology are not consistent in various regions.The deep mechanized fertilizer technology is used in JinChang city,but the various positive and negative effects is not studied and explored, and there are lots of blindness and randomness in producing process.In recent years,it came out a phenomenon that the amount of fertilization was growing,but the effectiveness of the situation was getting worse,investment is not fit income.Therefore, the current issues requiring urgent solution are to improve utilization of fertilizers in agricultural production.The JinChang agricultural mechanization promotion station has done lots of experiments on major food crops which are planted by different way, different fertilizer depth and different fertilization methods since 2000,and also carried on deep mechanized fertilizer technology experiments to obtain authority which could make reasonable fertilizer for farmers.This paper summarizes the air pollution,water pollution,waste of resources and other issues in application process of chemical fertilizers,analyze ways of fertilizers loss and means of improving the utilization rate of fertilizer,and the development of deep mechanized fertilizer technology in China. According to major food crops farming practices and fertilization methods in JinChang city,we carried on experiments and studies to come out effects between seed\fertilizer alternating and vertical position deep fertilizer and effects of saving fertilizers.While the fertilization of the same premise,deep fertilizer could earn more crop yield than spread on earth obviously in JinChang area.It always applies seed\fertilizer alternating deep fertilizer in Qinghe and ShuangWan regions,but the vertical position deep fertilizer technology is suitable for XiHe and DongHe regions.Although the ways of deep fertilizer of chemical fertilizer are different,it can achieve the effects of saving chemical fertilizers and increase crop yield.When the spring wheat(barley) yield is around 500 kg in QingHe and ShuangWan regions,seed\fertilizer alternating deep fertilizer will use phosphate 45 kg,xylidine 8 kg,or deep fertilizer xylidine 20 kg,urea10 kg,additional fertilizer urea 10 kg,which will meet the requirements of crop growth,and can not reduce crop yield significantly.While maize yield is about 700 kg,seed\fertilizer alternating deep fertilizer will use phosphate 80 kg,urea 20 kg,ammonium nitrate 25 kg, additional fertilizer urea 15 kg.When spring wheat(barley) production is around 480 kg in XiHe and DongHe regions,the vertical position deep fertilizer will use urea 8 kg, phosphate60 kg,Compound Fertilizer 35 kg,and additional fertilizer urea 10 kg,which will cater the requirements of crop growth,and can not reduce crop yield significantly. Conservation tillage is vigorously promoted by our country;it will be the major farming systems in the future.According to the preliminary tests,the implementation of conservation tillage will reduce production in the first three years in JinChang area,but it obviously effects on the protection of the ecological environment and the agricultural cost.Deep fertilizer especially conjuncts with conservation tillage could significantly reduce the density of soil and increase soil organic matter,improve soil nitrogen,base-N, available phosphorus,effective potassium,and the contents of trace elements.Deep mechanized fertilizer technology is the major measures which improve the utilization rate of fertilizer efficiency,production efficiency,reduce production costs and increase agricultural output.It is the useful way to achieve increasing the income and saving costs, it should be promoted in large area.2F~9 deep fertilizer machine and 2 BFG~6(S) fertilization seeder has a good adaptability and security,operating results is good which are welcomed by the farmers.These machines should be promoted in JinChang area.

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