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Design of the Plate Register Testing Timely in High-speed and a Sheet-fed Press

Author WangShiYu
Tutor ZhangChengJin;SongXieZhu
School Shandong University
Course Control Engineering
Keywords press plate register testing CCD image sensor
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In recent years, high-speed and a sheet-fed press gets the favour of enterprises. But the malfunction in the printing process if without timely inspecting, could cause bigger loss. This is also the bottleneck that restricts the press manufacture companies developing. Misregister is the frequent malfunction during multi-color press working, so the study of alignment testing timely has important realistic meaning and theoretical value.This work is concerning the research of the sheet-fed press, especially high-speed presses, analysing the misregister in the high-speed press printing process.By making and installing the plate, researching the alignment system of the high-speed press and web press, to inspect the final print by the high speed cameras for register, the operator can know the malfunction and solve it timely, so improving efficiency and reducing the cost.According to the properties, characteristics of the presensitized plates (PS) most commonly used and the operation flow of high-speed press, to avoid misregister because of making plate and the human factor, this work adopts CTP direct plate-maked and installed plate automatically.The traditional register testing technology of the plate has colour inspection and registermarks, using encryptions intelligent density, intelligentiy registration system and RGS automatic alignment system,but some detection is complex, some testing is not stable, so have been not widely applicaed. This work designs the alignment testing device of plate that is using industrial camera to get registermarks image, then to transfer and process by CCD image sensor, and tests the relative deviation of the registermark. The buzzer would work if the data exceeds the set. The device includes the design of the system, the hardware and software system, image collection and transmission, and the alarm system. The embedded controller of the device is dsPIC33FJ128GP706 of the Microchip,with high-performance and 16 digital, and the video decoder chip of the sensor is SAA7113, the compile environment of the device and the compiler is MPLAB IDE V8.10 of the microchip company and MPLAB_C30 respectively. The device will reach the expected effect.

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