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Studies on Polysaccharides of Hairy Roots of Transformed Polygomum Multiflorum Thunb.

Author BianZuo
Tutor YuRongMin
School Jinan University
Course Medicinal Chemistry
Keywords hairy roots of Polygonium multiflorum Thunb. polysaccharide extraction and purification structural determination
CLC R284
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The objective of this study is to isolate the water-soluble polysaccharide from hairy roots of Polygonium multiflorum Thunb,and to further characterize its structure.The crude polysaccharides was obtained from hairy roots of P.multiflorum Thunb. by water extraction followed by ethanol precipitation.The crude polysacchatide purified by ion chromatograph DEAE-Cellulose,and gel permeation chromatograph Sephacryl S-100,and four polysaccharide fractions obtained and termed HSWB-SA, HSWB-SB,HSWb-SC,and HSWb-SD,respectively.The gel permeation Chromatography,UV spectrum and specific rotation proved that the four fractions are homogenous with high purity.The carbohydrate content of the HSWB-SB and HSWb-SD were 97.25%、98.38%determining by the method of phenol-sulfuric acid. The average Mw of the HSWB-SB and HSWb-SD were 11.81KDa、32.45KDa using gel permeation chromatograph.Ion-chromatography detection and GC analysis indicated that HSWB-SB was composed of D-galactose,D-glucose,D-rhamnose, D-xylose,L-arabinose,in the molar ratio of 1.75:2.53:0.65:1.21:5.12;HSWb-Sd was detected to Glucan,Structural features of HSWB-SB and HSWb-SD were investigated by a combination of instrumental and chemical analyses,including methylation analysis,total hydrolysis,partial hydrolysis,periodate oxidation and Smith degradation and the instrument analysis including HPAEC-PAD、gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis、UV、FT-IR、NMR spectroscopy.The main chain of HSWB-SB was made of(1→2,3)-α-rha,(1→6)-α-gal,(1→6)-α-glc, (1→4,6)-α-glc,and the side chain was composed of(1→3)-β-gal,α-ara, (1→3)-α-rha,(1→4)-α-glc,α-gal,α-xyl;The main chain of HSWb-SD was made up of(1→6)-α-glc,(1→6)-β-glc,(1→4,6)-β-glc,(1→3)-α-glc,(1→3,6) -β-glc residues,and the side chain was composed ofα-glc.Pharmaceutical experiments showed that the highest inhibitory rate of HSWB-SB was 42.65%,34.25%on MCF-7 and K562 in vitro,respectively,the highest inhibitory rate of HSWb-SD was 41.35%,36.12%on K562 and MCF-7 in vitro,repectively.

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