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On Leibniz’s Thought of Linguistic Philosophy

Author ZhangDongSheng
Tutor ChenXiangLan
School Suzhou University
Course Foreign Philosophy
Keywords concept proposition logic truth factual truth ideal language
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The diversion of linguistic philosophy in the west philosophical history, which happened in the late 19th century and the early 20th century, has its thinking derivation in the modern philosophy. The modern rationalist and empirical philosophers both made much account of linguistic analysis. The main empirical philosophers Bacon, Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, and the main rationalist philosophers Descartes, Leibniz all made some analysis on language in different extents. Of them, Leibniz’s thought of linguistic philosophy takes a prominent historical part in the course from the classic philosophy to the modern linguistic philosophy.In the works of Leibniz, a lot of thoughts about linguistic philosophy spread widely over his many important studying fields, such as his analysis to concept and proposition, his distinguishing between logical truth and factual truth, his trying to construct an ideal language of philosophy, and so on. Of them, Leibniz’s thought of distinguishing between logical truth and factual truth spread, through Kant’s philosophy, into the developing process of Frege’s, Russell’s and their later men’s linguistic analytic philosophies; while his tentative plan of constructing an ideal language had been taking a deep influence on the development of Frege’s, Russell’s and the Vienna’s circle’s philosophies.In view of the fact that Leibniz’s thought of linguistic philosophy takes a special part in the developing process of linguistic philosophy, the importance of a deep, attentive and comprehensive investigation to it comes up. However, for a long time, Leibniz’s thought of linguistic philosophy hasn’t been sufficiently taken into account by people. Hence, the paper here tries to take a systemic study to understand integrally and comprehensively Leibniz’s thought of linguistic philosophy and its important meaning to the modern linguistic philosophy.

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