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Find Themselves Confused——Terpretation of the Contemporary Art Oil Paintings of Women

Author WangLei
Tutor LiuHong
School Shandong Normal University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Feminine angle of view feminine characteristic The female experiences the female to realize
CLC J213
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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This article referred to contemporary art oil paintings of women, mainly referring to China’s domestic oil painting art of women. Most of China’s female artists, are concerned living environment and social relations which women faces as human being, rather than blindly stubborn emphasis on women’s sexual politics. Foreign women in the art can easily linked to feminist and political aspirations of too many factors that impact on women’s awareness of art in itself, whereas the domestic female artists by the effects of traditional Chinese culture, unlike many women in Europe and America as too much emphasis on the arts of their own identity the uniqueness of language and gender of the self-reliance. Mostly neutral or relatively subtle, with delicate female emotional experience and a wealth of life experience. Since the 20th century, especially the 90’s, China’s female artists will consciously focus shifted to the women themselves, it have formed a unique charm of artistic expression which is different from the male methods, their artistic achievements have been affirmed by the people, both in domestic or foreign countries, have created a positive impact.This article, started with the development of the arts of Chinese women of the 20th century, combined with a different female artists living environment and personal experiences, discussed the development of Chinese contemporary oil painting of the reasons for women, characteristics, as well as the history of women in painting and development trends, such as positioning issues, focused on the artist as a result of the living environment for men and women differences, caused by different perspectives and points of concern shown by way of expression and content in different. The first part of the paper give an explanation of Contemporary women oil art, according to the definition of Tao Yong-white painting of the female , and a brief description of the art of contemporary oil paintings of female development process. The second part of the paper started from the Western feminist cultural influences and the role of domestic environment summed up the two women led to the contemporary painting of the reasons for the rapid development of the arts. And then focus on the work of different artists, in the case of oil paintings of contemporary women in a total of some characteristics of each analysis. Focusing on six areas to analyze the works of oil painter of women reflect common characteristics: First, the description of women’s experience is that as a female gender specific groups experience different from men, as women’s unique personal and true feelings, to show the inner feelings of women and their attitude to life. Second, the metaphorical symbols, female painter in the artistic creation will be with their living environment is closely related to the performance of things as the subject matter. All of these can be used as the content of artistic expression, have an obvious gender-based features, and artist-related feelings and moods, but also a woman of their own identity. Third, Autobiography of expression, art in the Autobiography is the most frequently used by female artists, is a color with a strong personal art form, is a woman of their own inner world as a construct, is often taken by women’s self-identity a way. It allows women artists concentrate on their own sense of concern for the inner world so that they simply find a way of expression. Fourth, the "body" for the language, these works the artist used his body as text, as a message carrier, and certainly try to accept and face reality and to express inner thoughts, so the influence of the audience also strong, creative women are now more "competitive" . Fifth, concerns the fate of women and artists to focus on the eyes and the mind to reveal the fate of women, reflecting the contemporary state of women’s survival. Revealed the relationship between women and contemporary society in the side at a loss as well as special social groups of special concern, and also to reflect a modern society was brought to the women’s impetuous and confusion. Sixth, the subconscious of the surface, the idea of the subconscious is not only a dream in itself, but also the idea of the dream into a dream process. Most of the ideal woman with feelings and things around the familiar, and often occurred in their own environment. To feel the subconscious through dreams to the artist inspired by the unique experience. Finally, art oil paintings of contemporary women’s history and development of the positioning of the trend, as well as a number of problems in thinking. Focus on female artists get inspiration from life, be good at digging inner resources to create a unique art of female characteristics of cultural patterns, to some extent, filled the art of female artists in the history recorded in the blank state, the entire diversity of culture and arts the development of fundamental significance, is a diversified structure in the arts an essential part. Should be more female artists start to improve their overall quality, and actively participate in the exchange of the arts, and works continuously to strengthen the times, so that women can demonstrate artistic charm and continue to develop. Women through the art of the research history and current situation for women in a complex art, or that men are guided by cultural and social backgrounds to find a way forward, so that women can demonstrate artistic charm and continue to develop.

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