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On the Phenomena of "Fortress Besieged" in the Officialdom from Wang Yuewen’s Novels

Author ZhouLianYu
Tutor WangGuiMei
School Jilin University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords The officialdom novels Wang yuewen Fortress besieged Officialdom culture
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Since the 1990s,the literature saw a boom in writing officialdom novels.The ’officialdom’ became an attractive domain for novels and even the films and series whereas many such kind of novels can been seen.Wang Yuewen is an important representative of the officialdom novel writers of the new age.Based on the realism principle and not giving up depicting of typical characters,his writings reflect the true aspects of the authority operation and the existence of persons.His novels focus on the ’officialdom’,vividly describe various looks,deeply disclose the true political life,coldly criticized the unseen rules and meanwhile show deep worries and high expectations of regaining their conscious as being a competent official.His works are unique and are of high value in educating and alarming the whole society. The officialdom is just like besieged fortress confining all the characters.He discloses their feelings:ups and downs,successes and failures,elaboration and intriguing against each other so that open a door for the readers to perceive their strive,loss, hypocritical,sincere,fickleness flippancy and know their destiny of being supplanted, promoted,putting aside and forgotten.Anyway,they can not break through the net.The thesis is divided into five parts including the introduction of the cause of rising,the analysis of the typical environment,observing the unseen fences,inquiry of the cause of being and research on the way out.Part one deals with the cause of rising.Chinese officialdom literature had a close relationship with our history.The ’worrying the nation and people’ nature of the intellectual destined their close relations with politics,so paying attention to politics, officials,systems and life is a must for them to choose.During several periods of history,for example,from Spring and Autumn to late of Qing Dynasty,from the build of PRC to Opening and Reform,we have variety of officialdom literatures.The current novelists such as Xhangpin,Zhou Meisen and Zhang Chenggong are representatives in highlighting the opposition within the authorities,advocating anti-corruption.And Wang Yueping,LI Peipu,Yanzhen and Xiao Renfu are representatives just narrate without comments which can be called "The New Officialdom Looks".While Wan Yuewen would more like to display the human nature,explore the soul,give a picture under special circumstance,the eagerness for the authority and fame and the struggle inside the characters’ heart,the selfish and hypocritical,expose that human nature has been distorted.Part two starts with the analysis of typical officialdom space,pursuing the influence of officialdom on individual and the counter effect to find out the cause of being.The typical space can be summarized briefly as office,meeting room,dining gatherings and family.These officials entangled with all relations having no ability to escape.Part three analyzes deeply the unseen wall in the officialdom.The wall is not visualized.It can not be seen and touched.The wall is just like spider net which enclosed all the officials tightly.Person involved in it must face the unequal power, false statements and the secrets unsaid.All of them have to confront such a net as a snail day after day.Part four explores the cause of being.The officialdom novels can be valued equally as novel of condemnation if it only displays all the unfair and ugly phenomena.We can see the writer’s inquiry into the causes of officialdom phenomena. The concept ’Officer’s standard’ influenced the thought of Chinese.’Fanjin Passing the Imperial Exam’ revealed the toxic effect of imperial examinations system on the intellectuals,and also indicated its huge influence to the common people.This consciousness is in every Chinese’s mind.They highly valued the power to chase and obtain it.This is the basic desire for the person in the officialdom.The unrestricting of power will definitely result in corruption.Some corrupted officials followed the route of being an official,then gaining certain power and taking advantages of the power to do anything he likes.The unrestricting power and unlimited desire even the private desires together will lead to a moral corruption.When the conscience has gone,the humanity has lost,the ugly aspect of human nature will be totally exposed.Part five is about finding ways out of officialdom.From Wang Yuewen’s works, undoubtedly,we can perceive that he studies the officialdom and the persons in it with worries.In his novels,there is no a ’justice hero’ as in Zhou Peisen and Zhangping’s novels.There is no fierce combat between justice and evil.He doesn’t depict his character with stereotyped pattern;instead,he treats them with sympathy.On the whole,he holds a criticize attitude toward the officialdom.His novels shape a real officialdom and denounce it through displaying those ridiculous behaviors.More than this restriction,his novels imply many solutions.We can also see that among those things to be blamed the first thing is the employing system.The writer is in the expectation of a scientific and democratic hiring system and strong eagerness towards politics cultivation.Only under a rational structure of using officials can an official be self-controlled.When the public all turn eyes to the special domain-officialdom, undoubtedly,the officialdom novels satisfied the demands.The forming of unseen rules,the life of the officials,the distorted nature,and the corruption of moral,the tortured souls and spirits under the corruption all will be the issues that the writer will discuss further.His novels use the low-positioned official’s destiny as a main clue and look at the officials from a common people’s perspective;give a through dig of the problems and causes of officialdom and aiming at finding a way out of it.His expectation on the people and his ideal about people representative function more in the construction of politics cultivation will make his works more meaningful.

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