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Jurisprudential Analysis of the Prosperity and Decline of the Ancient Athens’ Democratic Politics

Author LiLanHong
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Keywords ancient Athens democracy politics legal system the city-state the reasons for the rise and fall
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Year 2008
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From the 7th century BC to the 4th century BC, there was the rise of democratic politics as the prominent representative to Athens in the Greek peninsula. Athens democracy reached towards its peak when Pericles was on his charge after Solon, Christie Nepal reforms. After a sustained 30 years of the Peloponnesian War, Athens and the democratic political system was gradually breaking down and eventually embarked on the oligarchy of Sparta polity.The prominent features of Athens’democracy are "popular sovereignty" and "taking it in turns to rule," its political system is based on the Greek city-state system. To ensure the smooth operation of the city system, citizens have the highest power of the General Assembly, the courts and the jury was the palm of the judiciary, the executive power stood the authority to govern the polis after several reforms of the Athens’s basic political mode established. Athens democratic system designation embodied the pursuit of freedom, equality and the thoughts of the rule of law.Athens’s formation of democratic politics benefited from a few unique conditions: First, mountainous and less plain-there were three faces up to miles of coastline and natural harbor’s fine to the special geographical position and the other was suitable for cultivation of the local community economy; the crops were rich in minerals and natural conditions; third, Solon, Christie Nepal and Pericles, and other prominent politicians promoted the Athens democracy in leaps and bounds. These factors promoted the development of the Athens and its overseas colonial and maritime trade, the Athens democracy lay a profound ideological basis for the necessary economic foundation, to provide strong intellectual support, so it went into the democratic politics of Athens glory.Athens democratic political system declined directly from the Peloponnesian War, the underlying reasons for Athens was the irreconcilable contradictions between the marine civilization in the form of character (the pursuit of freedom, equality and against oppression, slavery) and the political reality. This not only affected the economic base, determined the superstructure, more importantly, there were also ideological superstructure of the dynamic role.Studying history is to better care our reality. From the rise and fall of ancient Athens democratic political, we can draw some of the meaningful insights to promote current building of democratic politics, such as the participation of general public grassroots democratic self-government on the foundation of modern democratic political role of executive accountability and transparency in decision-making will help the healthy development of democratic politics, great importance to historical process of accidental factors on the development of democratic political enlightenment,elites promote the positive role of democratic politics.

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