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Study on the Phenomenon of Granting High Awards to Officials

Author WangTao
Tutor WangQingHua
School Jilin University
Course Public Administration
Keywords Officials High Awards Scientific and Rational Solution
CLC D630.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Officials, as public policy makers and holders of public power, have a higher social status in the community, their words and behaviors are much concerned by others. In recent years, the phenomenon of granting high awards to the officials who have made outstanding contributions have been emerged in many areas. Some affairs of high awards to the officials reported by the media has generated controversy in society. Some people are in favor of granting the officials high awards , but more explicitly expressed his opposition to it. They questioned it about the incentive basis , procedures and the amount of money granted to the officials. The phenomenon of granting high awards to the officials did not disappear while people are debating on this issue .But it is still quite popular in many areas, and even some local governments made it clear that such incentives are necessary to stimulate officials’dedication to improve government efficiency. It is unblamable to award the officers according to their performance. The key is how the implementation of scientific and rational incentives can work effectively to stimulate the enthusiasm of officials as well as accepted by the general public. It is the urgent problem to be dealt with. Therefore it is essential to the study this issue .There are four parts in this article:Part I is introduction. Firstly, introduce the matter of high award to the officers and the current issue of this matter. Then give some explanation of the terms mentioned in this article. Lastly, summarize the research means. Part II is the analysis on the reasons of high award to the officials. Some reasons as to why this issue of high awards to the officials has become an issue are apparent. Meanwhile, I analyze the matter from different perspectives the officials themselves to the immature legal system including officials evaluate themselves higher than the significance of the main achievements. The current reward system is not perfect and there are many ways congenital deficiencies; current officials low overall level of wages not really reflect the value of human resources. At present, the market economy development level is relatively low, with the result that officials have not completely separated themselves from specific economic activities. Additionally, the community-oriented understanding of the official exists the errors , the measurement of the most officials also just uses "the moral person "standard and neglects the officials’material needs. There are still many deficiencies in the evaluation system, that can not be evaluated based on the actual performance of officials scientifically and reasonably. Promotion mechanisms are not very reasonable, leading to a lot of officials have made outstanding contributions whose demands in promotion can not be well met. The result is that officials are vulnerable to being driven very much by material interests. Negative incentives are still wide-spread, and officials who don’t work well did not receive the punishment they deserve. The result is that many officials can work hard in the heavily inspired.Part III is the analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of high award to the officials. Officials who got the award are no doubt a certain amount of satisfaction to some extent in material needs, reflects the value of their own talents and stimulate their enthusiasm in the workplace, which is conducive to the objectives of the government established .Incentives on a large amount of money, to a certain extent, can avoid the occurrence of corruption. There are no doubt some disadvantages in awarding the officials heavily money. First of all, contrary to the original intent of the "Civil Law"; followed the implementation of the procedure did not undergo strict examination and approval, with the result that the awarding acts are called into questions; then, heavy awarding easily distorted the officials’values, leading to their irrational behavior; it is not also conducive to the real change of government functions; finally, it is not conducive to the unity of the internal organs as well as building a harmonious society. Based on comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons, I believe that the existing situation is more harm than good. We need to work in the future research to tackle this issue seriously.In Part IV outline some mature award systems in the other developed countries. We need to study seriously and learn from their comprehensive legal, the formulation of incentives, remuneration and comprehensive evaluation system and the operation of supervision and so.In Part V some suggestions have been proposed to improve the award system in China. Based on the second and third part of the analysis, as well as experiences and mature approaches in the rewards to officials in the western developed countries, I think the implementation of incentives should adhere to fair, just and rule of law, the principle of effectives, improve official reward system, and standardize procedures for the implementation of incentives; to raise the officials’level of statutory pay appropriately according to the appropriate reference standard. I believe it is appropriate that officials’wages should be higher than average wage level of the community; in order to be objective and fair in the assessment system, we should absorb the social intermediary organizations and public to participate , different from the past assessment of a single main body. At the same time, we should try to make objective and fair assessment of the officials’performance in many ways; the rational allocation of the spirit incentives and material incentives, money for awarding to maintain the extent appropriately. We should constantly enrich the forms of incentives according to the needs of different individuals, it can really stimulate officials’enthusiasm; to strengthen legal supervision of the Executive Award; to strengthen to educate the officials’professional ethics, which is essential requirement to build a incorruptible, efficient government.

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