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Research of the Influencing Factors of Ozone Synthesis in Plasma Environment Created by DBD

Author LvYongChao
Tutor LiuZhongYang
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Theory and New
Keywords Plasma Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Ozone Influencing Factor
CLC O539
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Due to the strongly strong oxidizing property and good ecological effect, ozone has been widely used in many fields such as treatment of drinking and waste water, food preservation, medical and health and so on. In order to improve the technical level of ozone synthesis in plasma environment created by DBD in China, some influencing factors in the processing of ozone generation are studied theoretically and experimentally, and a new method to improve ozone concentration is proposed. The content of the research in this paper is as follows:On basis of analyzing the mechanism of ozone synthesis and the technological characteristics of ozone producing process, existing research achievements are investigated fully. The influencing factors of ozone synthesis in the plasma environment created by DBD are studied and analyzed from seven aspects. The insufficiencies of existing achievements are pointed out.Influences of water vapor in feed gas on ozone synthesis are studied experimentally. The results show that the ozone concentration decreases with the increase of water vapor content. The possible reasons are the consumptions of electrons and oxygen atoms by water molecules, and the decompositions of ozone caused by hydroxyl which have something to do with the residence time of gas. Nitric acid and nitrous acid are formed in the process of ozone producing by DBD which are hazard to human and equipments.Discharge power influence in ozone generation is studied experimentally. The results show that the increase rate of ozone concentration is becoming smaller with the increasing of discharge power gradually. The relationship between ozone concentration and gas energy density, and the maximum concentration are discussed. The empirical equation describes ozone concentration as a function of the energy density is given. Influences of discharge power density are analyzed and discussed, and the impacts of inhomogeneous power density on ozone generation are studied experimentally. The results show that under the condition of keeping average power density constant, reduce the power density along the direction of gas flow will increase the ozone concentration.

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