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Language teaching meaning generated concept

Author LiYing
Tutor CaoMingHai
School Shandong Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Chinese teaching Significance to generate concept Reflection and renewal
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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In recent years, as the basis for the implementation of education reform, many teachers in language teaching reform has done a lot of useful attempt, but unfortunately, this does not seem to have so completely out of language teaching embarrassment, the property of their reason for this is that as a result of a long time, by a rational view of the impact of the language tool for teaching concepts and not a qualitative change, resulting in new curriculum reform in the context of language teaching is like "old wine in new bottle": knowledge-based language teaching is still the main content, logic analysis on the mode is still the main theme of the language classroom. A complete text is often divided into a fragment of a fragmented language, this should be a lively process of language teaching has been the alienation of mechanical knowledge and skills for training. In such a deep-rooted concept of rational tools, the language of the poetry world has been "Disenchantment" and specific to language teaching has been obscured the significance of their homes, and students with the language the meaning of life have taken place in the world of serious fracture between the , they find emotional and spiritual disappeared conversion, can not find the spirit and soul to live in their homes, thus reduced to a "stranger", drifted away from the "homeless" status ... ... In this regard, the issue raised in language teaching concept in the reconstruction of the meaning of the concept of Health. This is the teaching language will be used only as a tool for language, thereby negating the significance of the teaching process to generate the richness, diversity and dynamic in terms of attitude and the tendency is that the rationalist view of a tool of subversion and reconstruction.This topic is divided into the following four sections expand on the references:Part I: the significance of language teaching to explain the concept generation. This section focuses on the significance of the meaning of concept generation, concept of language teaching the meaning of these three concepts to generate the specific content, pointed out the significance of language teaching emphasized the significance of generating the semantic concept level, cultural level, there is the overall level of generation, the last discussion of this the value of the research topic.Part II: language teaching to reflect on the meaning of the concept generation and selection. Here, we have the traditional view of language teaching and learning tools, rational, and understand the concept of defects exposed by a reflection on the dialectic of the past to criticize the process of language teaching to knowledge as the main contents of teaching in order to explain the logic of dismembered as a class caused by the theme of colorful language obscured the meaning of the world, thus the reconstruction of the ontology of language teaching, and poetic view of concept and experience. Activities in language teaching, from the Chinese language from the meaning of symbols to build a world implication of this is a world-feng Fan, meaning the generation of the main emotion in touch, the soul stirring, life experience, to trigger the process and, therefore, the language Teaching should be a trigger to generate the infinite significance of the process of dynamic construction.Part III: the significance of language teaching to generate multi-dimensional perspective view. The meaning of Chinese and Western philosophy of language is the core issue of research, the philosophy of language on the significance of the introduction of a number of metaphysical thinking of language education in the field of theoretical study, which used to guide the practice of language teaching physics operation, can be said to be a subject of study large areas of innovation and pioneering. This part is also the focus of this discussion, I will be culture and language philosophy, hermeneutic philosophy of language, philosophy of language existential point of view on the significance of language teaching in the significance of cross-cutting issues to generate discussion, focusing on interpretation of the world, culture, life harmony between the body and the significance of the existence of the relationship between the meaning of linguistic signs that the students should be close to the language and cultural activities, in particular the practice of language and use of the process, as well as the main teaching of life and wake up with full respect for the under the premise to elucidate and generation.Part IV: the meaning of language teaching practice concept generation. This section of the above concept to generate the meaning of language teaching have been further summarized and discussed in a constructive way to implement the meaning of language teaching concept to generate a number of specific steps: the language of dialogue is close to triggering an excellent way to generate meaning; functional whole thinking can be satisfied so that the image plane of the linguistic sign, turned into multidimensional space of the image and trigger the main significance of the symbols of imagination and association; In addition, the significance of language teaching in the generation of reference also can not be separated from the overall context of experience and comprehend by analogy language practice.

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