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Research on Dalian Urban and Rural Family Relations

Author BianGe
Tutor LiuJie
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course Sociology
Keywords family relations conjugal relation parent-childrelationship kinship network
CLC D669.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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China’s reform and opening up is a major transitions in the history, the essence of the reform and opening up is to emancipate and develop the productivity, the liberation of the people thought.In last 30 years, Chinese society began to change from traditional society to modem society.As a cell of the society,family has a lot of changes in this background. What changes will take place to family relations,which is part of a family, in sharp collision with modern factors, what is the difference between urban and rural changes and whether the difference between urban and rural families will shrink. Base on Data analysis of Urban and rural household survey, the author make empirical research to the current situation of Dalian urban and rural family relations with secondary analysis method and SPSS17.0.This paper study Dalian urban and rural family relations from 3 aspects--conjugal relation, parent-child relationship and relatives net. Research shows that in both urban and rural family, conjugal relation tends to be harmony. Today, young people have a higher autonomy on marriage and satisfy their marriage. Women take most of the housework, unlike before, men start to share some housework.In help of economic or uneconomic of parent-child relationship, city tends to both parents while country tends to only father. Today dalian yanglao is mainly traditional family rest, But social endowment also show the clue. In the family difficulties for help, people pay attention to industry margin relationship, fade geopolitical relations.Dalian urban and rural families and relatives on the connection shows larger difference.Both urban and rural families keep close contact with both wife’s and husband’s parents. But differently,contact of urban families is more utilitarian while that in countryside is more emotional, there can be large gap between the rich and the poor. In one word, families in dalian have been affected by reform and opening up, and changed a lot. But on relation between city and countryside, there are still some differences. As Rural urbanization and modernization degree become higher,tradition and closure of country community get weaker,the difference will be more smaller.Innovation of this paper is analysing current situation of families in dalian, a city where contain both traditional and modern voice, with secondary analysis method. Urbanization level of dalian is high, but it was low before. After 30 years of reform and opening up, Dalian has developed a lot. We can say that urbanization development of dalian was in line with the general rules of the urbanization development and marked with a reform and opening up the characteristics of The Times and dalian city regional characteristic. Urbanization level of dalian is not as high as Beijing or Shanghai, but as it is a open coastal city, its urbanization development has more advantages than a regular city. So in dalian, do the research on the relationship between urban and rural families with certain representativeness.Cause this paper use secondary analysis method, Some data hard to be comprehensive, so the conclusion might not be so persuasive.Significance of this paper is empirical study on Dalian urban and rural family relations, base on former research result, analysis urban and rural family relations with Sociological Theory,Enriched the relevant interpretation family relationships,and Provide the realistic basis for sociology of family, expand family sociology, has certain theoretical meaning. While the development of the urbanization of the countryside,rural in political and economic aspects of the gap between the city and reduced gradually.Doing some research of urban and rural family relations at this time is good for understanding the gap between the urban and rural family relationships change,also can reflect the current in the development of urban and rural social transition period gap, providing the realistic basis for the relevant departments to formulate policies and regulations.The research is good for making up for the deficiency of the urban and rural development, achieving real sense of the integration of urban and rural areas, and has some of the realistic significance.

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