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Application of Embedded Linux in Control System of Intelligent Chinese Chess Robot

Author YeLin
Tutor FangJianJun
School North China University of
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Embedded Linux ARM Chess algorithm Robot Multithreading
CLC TP242.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Smart chess robot as an entertainment robot , it is integrated into more computer technology and artificial intelligence technology, not only brings people joy, but also improve people's intelligence. Smart chess robot system consists of a host -based ARM S3C2410 control system, based on image acquisition system DSP TMS320DM642 DSP TMS320F2812 -based motion control system consists of three parts . Host control system is responsible for system initialization, via the HMI interface to respond to user commands, and obtained by the image acquisition system information through the chess board game algorithm to get the best playing chess programs , is sent to the motion control system ; image acquisition system is responsible for collecting checkerboard image and after treatment to get chessboard pawn coordinate information ; motion control system was completed to take chess chess robot , Baiqi action. In this paper, a control system based on ARM Linux operating system migration methods and designed to run on the Linux applications. First, to establish in the host embedded development environment , then U-Boot boot loader , Linux operating system kernel and root file system ported to ARM hardware system platform . Then research and design of the HPI driver , HPI interface is a system based on ARM DM642 image acquisition, processing communication interfaces between systems , HPI driver is DSP RAM space is mapped into the address space to ARM , the application can directly read functions such as system calls to access the DSP RAM. Followed by the chess game algorithm design and testing , game algorithm including walk builder, searcher and situation evaluator , the algorithm based on the current board disk Bureau decision to go out the best chess steps. Finally, the system design of the application , according to the system 's real-time requirements and synchronization between the different tasks required of the system into a main thread and the worker thread , the main thread and the work was completed for system initialization thread creation , the worker thread has chess game algorithm and Qt interface display, different worker threads to complete different tasks. Finally, the paper summarizes the research work done , and raised the need for improved and perfected.

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