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Microwave devices based on MATLAB platform measuring the scattering parameter automation equipment research and implementation

Author GaoKang
Tutor ZengChunNian
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Communication and Information System
Keywords Microwave Measurement Scattering parameters GPIB Automation
CLC TP274.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Microwave measurement is an important branch of microwave technology. Its development and application of microwave technology in all areas of development closely, inseparable relationship microwave technology developed rapidly and has become a leader. With LSI technology, computer technology, signal processing technology, the rapid development of software technology, many of the original features from the hardware to complete, and today can rely on software to complete, with the test instrument \software is the instrument \In many areas of modern science and technology, the automatic measurement technology plays an increasingly important role. Automatic measurement means no one directly involved in the case, the use of additional equipment or devices (control unit or controller), you want to know on the machinery, equipment or production equipment (collectively, the measured object) in a working condition or parameter (i.e. control amount) is automatically measured according to a predetermined rule. This paper studies and implements a new platform based on MATLAB microwave scattering parameters automated measurement method, purpose of the study is to establish a range of PC and software between specific measuring instrument real-time systems, in the middle of the connector from the General Purpose Interface Bus ( GPIB) bus. MATLAB tool provides a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), for the establishment of virtual instruments. Virtual instrument measuring instruments from specific read and write data. These data collection tools in the MATLAB analysis and processing, the end result through the display output. GPIB bus connection to communicate with the PC using MATLAB software InstrumentControl Toolbox completed, the toolkit supports GPIB bus communications, to support asynchronous communication and synchronous communications, to support event-driven communications. In the GPIB bus and the PC connected to the specific implementation, use NI's GPIB-USB-HS controller. On the basis of the system implementation, this paper also studies and the establishment of a variety of network correction method to eliminate microwave devices, connectors, transmission lines among the errors arising in the correction network is established, the reference plane with Errors Move the test parameters of the plane of the microwave, to obtain the value closest to the true parameters. In the study to obtain a minimum error correction network, while the advantages and disadvantages of various correction network, the different effects of the application of each were analyzed applications in different areas in order to minimize the error in the results. Latest test results show that the microwave scattering parameters of the automated measurement systems to improve the efficiency of the microwave parameter measurement, thereby reducing the burden of testing staff, and through the establishment of a network correction reduces the error, has good practical value and application prospect.

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