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Study on the Running Modes of Digital Library Realizing E-commerce

Author GuoWenJie
Tutor BiQiang
School Jilin University
Course Library science
Keywords Digital library E-commerce Information technology Operation mode
CLC G250.76-F
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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On the arrival of a digital and networking era,Internet is being welcomed by more and more people with the characters of charge-free,updating,and borderlessness.It has become an important component oftheir life.Meanwhile,Traditional library is from a compound library to the digital library over the traditional business activities to the development of electronic commerce is gradually.Digital Library and e-commerce,respectively,the future of library development as a dominant form and the future of the field of business-led model of cross-point between the two fields.This study is based on the new situation of the network economy,through analysis of the network environment for readers,the impact of the library to introduce the model of e-commerce and content analysis of digital library to carry out the meaning and characteristics of e-commerce and digital libraries at home and abroad and some in some aspect of the success of the realization of e-commerce experience to explore how the digital library more effectively to achieve a variety of e-commerce business model,to provide readers with a deeper level of information navigation and information consulting services.This Article,through in-depth analysis of the specific e-commerce applications in the library:the library services,the combination of e-commerce BtoC,CtoC to provide readers readers online services,online bibliographic retrieval,database searching,access to electronic journals,e-books viewed and the loan,the remote user education,interlibrary loan and electronic document delivery,library BBS community.In the digital library’s internal operations,the combination of BtoB e-commerce model,the use of online procurement, online library catalog,etc.,to reduce library operating costs and enhance efficiency.China and the United States the end,the article analyzes the digital library environment to achieve differences in e-commerce,as well as China’s current development in this area and in the gaps that exist in the future development of advantage.In this paper,there are sixchapters:ChapterⅠfor the introduction,this paper put forward a research background and significance,as well as the contents of this paper,the research method and research.At home and abroad on the topic of this research,as well as e-commerce and digital library-related theory and the relationship between the two.ChapterⅡis about the Digital Library and e-business concepts and the relationship between the two summarized.ChapterⅢis a digital library of e-commerce business model of the feasibility and necessity of analysis,combined with relevant examples have been elaborated on the Digital Library of viable e-commerce and necessary arguments.ChapterⅣis about the comparative analysis of relevant e-commerce environment of digital library between China and United Stated.Between the two countries on China’s Digital Library in the development of e-commerce legal,network technology,various aspects of the social environment,such as a brief comparison.ChapterⅤis a digital library of e-commerce business model of the specific model.From B2B,B2C,C2C,respectively,three aspects are analyzed and explored.Including digital libraries at home and abroad,some part of that has been achieved and also failed to achieve full and effective part.Analysis of electronic commerce on the development of digital libraries and will be brought about by the impact,and in this context,the author proposed a set of e-commerce model group. ChapterⅥthe conclusions of this paper,and research prospects.In conclusion,the author of e-commerce in the digital library model of operation and the countermeasures proposed are as followed:1.update the ideas,concepts,and take the initiative to meet the challengesWe must recognize that modern business e-commerce is the inevitable trend of development activities,it makes the entire migration socio-economic environment,which has also affected business,the concept of update information.We have a long-term strategic vision in order to update the traditional concept of the concept of the introduction of market, competition,concept,system concepts,to speed up the library of information,network, digital,business process,to meet a new era of e-business development.2.to improve the overall quality of librariansComprehensive e-commerce activity,complexity,characteristics of the requirements such as wide-area employees to continuously improve the quality,it is necessary to master the business and other related financial business,but also to understand computer applications and the standardization of knowledge and so on.Many libraries are now in this regard is the lack of qualified personnel must be equal emphasis on the introduction and in-service training,to take a variety of measures to improve staffs knowledge structure and ability to structure,this is the age of electronic commerce in this place.3.demonstration projects to progress in an orderly manner,based on solidDigital library project before the start of e-commerce,much remains to be relatively adequate preparations.Taking into account the digital library is the use of nearly all modern high-tech engineering,the best way is to first base in a number of good,relatively well-developed e-commerce demonstration project of the city.4.the government’s macroeconomic regulation and control,division of collaboration, the teamTo prevent the unit or their own personal digital library,redundant construction and investment.The need to strengthen macroeconomic management and coordination,unified distribution,focused,structured,phased and orderly manner.Digital library is developing e-commerce involves the complexity of all aspects of society as a whole works,we must mobilize the power advantages of related industries,concentrated funds,focusing on inputs. Must therefore be set up through government departments or specialized agencies to carry out a national unified leadership and co-withered,and strengthen community collaboration in various trades so that the whole society of mutual concern and participation in the construction of digital libraries.

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