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Study on Technology of Straight Bevel Gear Measurement and Error Evaluation

Author ZhouHongYan
Tutor TangWenYan
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Instrument Science and Technology
Keywords Straight bevel gear Gear measure Error evaluation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Straight bevel gears are important parts that are used to transfer force and movement in modern mechanical driving systems. Their errors in manufacture and installation directly influence the precision and dynamic performance of the systems. How to measure, analyze and evaluate these errors is always an important research subject in measuring field. At present, the price of the advanced gear measuring centers that are imported is very high. Meanwhile, the problem of blockade on techniques is very serious. Therefore, the measurement and error evaluation techniques are deeply studied in this dissertation, the main research work is as follows:1. The mathematical model of the tooth surface of straight bevel gears is established. On the basis of analysis on the formation principle of the tooth profile, equations of the tooth surface and normal line are established. Then visualized simulation of the model is made with Matlab, validating the correctness of the model.2. Project design of the straight bevel gear measurement is made. On the basis of deep analysis on the constitution and operating principle of CNC gear measuring centers, the basic theory of the straight bevel gear measurement and is studied, and the path planning of the probe and the zero position setting during measurement are accomplished. The compensation method the measuring ball radius is studied as well.3. Error evaluation techniques of straight bevel gears are deeply researched. Error evaluation model based on east square method is established. With software developing environment of Visual Basic 2005, error evaluation modules of the profile error, helix error, pitch error and radial run-out error are programmed.4. Experiments of straight bevel gear measurements are made with the CNC gear measuring center. Experimental results show that the mathematical model and the error evaluation model of straight bevel gears are correct, the measuring method is reasonable and the precision of the error evaluation software module can satisfy precision requirement.The research work in this dissertation is of important significance for the development of the gear measuring center with our own intellectual property rights and improvement of quality and international competitive power of home gear products.

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