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The Stylistic Analysis of Christian Song Lyrics

Author LinWenHui
Tutor HuangChongZhen
School Central South University for Nationalities
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords stylistic analysis stylistics Christian song lyrics stylistic features
CLC H052
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Stylistics is an important subject based on linguistics to explore literary text meaning and the value of it. Its development is influenced by the linguistic theory development. We can say that, each kind of linguistic theory model is a potential stylistics analysis model. On the basis of the fruitful researches of the theoretical analysis, Liu Shisheng has put forward a new analytical model of stylistics: social-semiotic, linguistic-semantic and literary-psychological systems, which not only focuses on the language of the social factors, but also on the psychological factors, which plays an important role in the process of constructing the significance of text.Christianity is the spirit of western civilization; it is the core of the western policy, economy, ideology and culture, especially it has far-reaching influence on literature. As English majors, we cannot ignore the important influence of Christian culture and its far-reaching significance. So far as the author knows, few have ever touched upon the lyrics of Christian songs through a stylistic approach.Therefore, this thesis attempts to apply Liu Shisheng’s new analytical model of stylistics to give stylistic analysis towards the Christian song lyrics, which explores the stylistic characteristics of Christian song lyrics and helps more and more readers get access to the Christian culture comprehensively, while turns out the rationality and universality of Liu Shisheng’s new analytical models of stylistics.The thesis begins with a generalization of the basic theories of stylistics and Liu’s new analytical model of stylistics. Then by applying Liu’s three inter-related systems, the author makes a tentative research to the stylistic analysis of Christian song lyrics. After the core analysis, the author adds the aesthetic analysis towards Christian song lyrics at phonological level and lexical level respectively aiming at illuminating the beauty of this kind of literary texts. The main analysis towards Christian song lyrics is made from the perspectives of transitivity system, mood and modality system and cohesion system, then from the perspectives of the context of situation and the psychological aspect. The three meta-functions of language, ideational, interpersonal and textual, having been explicated in the linguistic-semantic system, corresponds exactly to the three components of a generic situation in which language is used. According to the realization, transitivity realizes the ideational function; mood and modality realize the interpersonal function and thematic structure and cohesion make the textual function vivid. In the analysis of transitivity towards Christian song lyrics, among the six processes shown, material process is a primary and the first one which involves illustrating and explaining the christians’suffered experience and what are struggling in their minds. As well as cohesion concerned, this thesis discusses two cohesive devices which are outstanding in this term, that is, repetition and rhyme. The repetition which is used in song lyrics mostly focuses on the level of clause while the rhyme mostly used in the end of each line of clause to attract the readers’attention and reach the aesthetic effect. The environmental or circumstance factors are provided in the study of context for forming the background of the Christian song lyrics. It’s believed that in this approach, the readers will have a better understanding of the deep meanings of songs and the lyric writers’intentions have been exposed as well.After the analysis, the minds and character of the christians and the relationship between the christians, the christians and God, and the christians and the oppressors can be shown. Meanwhile, the features of cohesion can also be found through this analysis. On the other hand, it soundly proves that Liu’s new analytical model of stylistics can provide sound linguistic evidence for analyzing the themes of different literary texts. It is hoped that this analysis will help the better understanding and appreciation of Christianity and its literary works.

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