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Dynamic Analysis and Experiment Research of Mechanism with Clearance

Author ZhaoZiKun
Tutor GuoXingLin
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Solid Mechanics
Keywords Clearance Linkage mechanism ADAMS Simulation Experiment
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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With the development of precision mechanical engineering and spaceflight engineering, especially in the kinetics mechanism of high speed,precision,over loading and so on,it is very emergent in the request of exactitude forecast dynamic system’s behavior.The existing of clearance destroys the ideal mechanical model,brings error between the fact kinetics and ideal kinetics.The development research of mechanism with clearance in theory,emulation and experiment will not only provide effective analysis method for the design of mechanical system and the exactitude forecast dynamic system’s behavior,but also bring the important practical engineering value.America scholars have studied the dynamic theory of mechanism with clearance since the 70’s 20 century.Domestic scholars and overseas scholars developed much research of mechanism with clearance subsequently.The model theory can be summarized three types,namely,three states’ kinematics model,two states’ kinematics model and permanent contact model.Being simplify three states’ kinematics model,make up the over simple defect of permanent contact model,and seizing essence of the fact thing,two states’ model gained many scholars’ research.In this paper,it applied ADAMS software simulating dynamic character of mechanism with clearance,developed experiment research about the analysis of mechanism’s force.In this paper,firstly,it summarized dynamic research background and actuality of mechanism with clearance,introduced briefly existing dynamics modeling and solution method of mechanism with clearance,analyzed criterion of mechanism with clearance simply. Secondly,crank-rocker mechanism is researched,considered its dynamic characteristic influence for mechanism in different conditions,including clearance size,sleeve’s stiffness coefficient,damping coefficient.As research with considering link’s flexible factor an emphases compare its result to link of rigid body for conclusion.The result shows that the flexible link has a buffer effect to the contact-impact forces,which is very close to the ideal joint’s motion state.Finally,take revolving joints as research object,and seeing about link’s force as purpose,designed an experiment project of mechanism with clearance,carried on the comparison to the experimental result and the simulation result,the experiment and the simulation conclusion consistent basically.The result showed that loading frequency and different clearance size have certain regular effect on the link’s force.

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