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The Research on the Path and Mechanism of Human Capital Accumulation

Author SuDanDan
Tutor LiZhongBin
School Central South University for Nationalities
Course Chinese minority economic
Keywords Guangxi Human capital accumulation Education Health Economic growth
CLC F224
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The knowledge technology and ability gradually become the determinants of the Neo -classical economic growth model in contemporary. Knowledge’s accumulation and average technology’s quantity and quality of a country or region, increasingly decided to the speed and efficiency of the local economic growth. Knowledge, skills, and abilities and their quality constitute the production element of human capital stock. The effect of human capital accumulation to the economic growth is the most obvious feature in information age social and the important index of economic growth rate. The study of a certain country or region’s human capital accumulation status, and its accumulation mechanism and path helps to understand the source of the region’s economic growth. This paper selects out the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as an object. As everyone knows, the lack of human capital accumulation always hold back our national regions’normal development of the economy.The main approaches of human capital accumulation is education and health investment mainly in the behavior of investment and implemented. With the historical documents and empirical research way to study the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s GDP growth and education, health fiscal appropriated funds and describe its human capital stock and education health investment situation. On this basis, try and use econometric analysis software research its relevance and t inspect kinds of the coefficient. Examine the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s human capital accumulation mechanism and effect is to explore the thought of accelerate human capital accumulation. All possible and reasonable explanation will be given, and give proposals to improve human capital stock quantity and quality combined with the local national characteristic and regional economic model of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.Based on human capital theory and the domestic and foreign relevant research and through literature study and field study mode to describe family education investment situation in national regions. Through the discussion of the present situation, we found that the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region pay little attention to the two key factors of education investment and health investment, Its important expression in the primary and secondary education funds, education facilities improvement, vocational education and labor re-education while its medium-sized and small enterprises’lack of personnel management system and employee’s human capital investment, including re-education funds and employee health security system and so on. The above factors are the causes of decrease the human capital accumulation in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.Based on the analysis of education, health and medical treatment of the present situation, this article use the human capital market supply and demand mechanism, derivative mechanism, symbiosis mechanism, interest balance mechanism, national income distribution mechanism and two issue of income distribution mechanism to study the external mechanism of human capital accumulation. Combined with model to analyze Guangxi human capital accumulation mechanism using its recent datas. Analyzed suggest that the Gini Coefficient of national income has great influence on human capital accumulation in Guangxi just has more than a half. Intellectual Labour input - return ratios and re-education investment to GDP ratio on the contribution to human capital accumulation in Guangxi is about 20% respectively.This article studied the regular education, on-the-job training, medical health system and labor transfer to find out the path of human capital accumulation. Analyzed financial and Per capita education funds of phases education in Guangxi to find the aspects which needed to improved of human capital accumulation in path.Finally, this paper based on these chapters clarify policy ideas and feasible advice of human capital accumulation in Guangxi. Fully understanding the mutual effect is getting more and more important between human capital and economic growth in Guangxi. Government should comprehensive create favorable economic environment and system conditions with physical capital accumulation, industrial structure adjustment and adjust market mechanisms for human capital accumulation to make sure the formation and fast growth of human capital. The government strengthening policy support efforts to underdeveloped areas especially in ethnic regions to enhances the human capital accumulation efficiency and gradually improve unbalanced of human capital accumulation among regions.

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