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The Clinical Exploratory Development of Xingnaojing Injection in the Medium-sized or Severe Brain Injury

Author LvJianJun
Tutor HanFu
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords Medium-sized or Severe brain injury XNJI intracranial pressure complications vitality
CLC R269
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Background:Craniocerebral injury is multiple diseases in the world,which mortality and disability is also the highest.With the rapid economic development, especially in transport and construction industry development,as a result of the accident,crashed due to the occurrence of acute brain injury on the rise.Traumatic brain injury and its complications in patients with a direct threat to life,a serious impact on quality of life of patients,although for many years to check the new means and methods used in clinical treatment,but treatment is still not optimistic.Objective:To objectively evaluate XNJI(Xingnaojing Injection)in the role of severe head injury,compared with the simple treatment of Western medicine,and explore an effective method of traditional Chinese and western medicine to save the lives of patients and improve the prognosis,to play a traditional Chinese medicine in head injury treatment of disease significance.Methods:Single-blind randomized controlled trial design.Observed in-patient departments of neurosurgery in patients with severe traumatic brain injury 60 cases from Guangdong Provincial hospital of TCM From January 2008 to January 2009,which Were randomly divided into Therapeutic group(30 cases)and Comparied group(30 cases).①Therapeutic group have surgery after injury from conventional surgical treatment indications.Or conservative treatment of patients after admission to infused Xingnaojing injection 30ml in 500ml 5 %Glucose injection,or 0.9%Sodium Chloride Injection once daily for 14 days.At the same time,conventional therapy to Western medicine.②Comparied group is the same with Therapeutic group except for infusing XNJI.the two groups were given during hospitalization in patients with the treatment of patients with Western medicine to observe 1st day after admission,Day 3, 7th day,The first 14 days the Glasgow Coma Scale score,intracranial pressure measurements;observed after traumatic brain injury patients with pneumonia,gastrointestinal bleeding,post traumatic epilepsy the incidence of complications such as;TCM treatment observed in patients with loss of vitality rates,lack of vitality rates,full vitality rates and related indicators.All clinical observations were conducted using statistical software SPSS11.5 statistical processing,and other groups before and after treatment were taken t test analysis,comparing the rate of using chi square test.Results:Therapeutic group in improving the GCS score,lowering the level of intracranial pressure,to reduce the incidence of complications of traumatic brain injury,lowerring loss of vitality rates and increasing full vitality rates than the Comparied group improved significantly(P<0.05).Conclusion:XNJI can be significantly increased in patients with GCS score,reducing from medium to heavy changes in traumatic brain injury,to a certain extent to reduce intracranial pressure,to reduce the incidence of complications of traumatic brain injury and improve prognosis;to reduce loss of vitality rates and increase full vitality rates to the role of Kaiqiao Xingshen. As the previous literature related to this paper,relatively few studies,and the lack of detailed,scientific discussion;In this paper,traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis standard subjective indicators vitality,vivid visual consciousness of its role in improving the patients,medical practitioners using GCS score,non-invasive intracranial pressure, intracranial pressure monitoring device is detected,the incidence of complications,such as indicators of objectivity,to combine the subjective and objective,it is strong in this paper innovation;through study found XNJI found the treatment of severe head injury,the exact effect,it strong possibility;In this paper,two groups of four indicators of the detailed feasibility studies,and statistical analysis,scientific and strong.In short,the effect XNJI good,low-cost,traditional Chinese and western medicine for the treatment of traumatic brain injury has opened up a new way to have a broad clinical prospects.

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