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Modified treatment of dysmenorrhea Shixiaosan stasis clinical research

Author SuShuHui
Tutor XuLiMian
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese Gynecology
Keywords Primary dysmenorrhea Shixiaosan GFW Clinical Research
CLC R271.11
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Dysmenorrhea refers to women during the menstrual period or by the line around the cyclical abdominal pain, or pain cited lumbosacral pain and even syncope, it is also known by the line of abdominal pain. Because of its complex etiology easy to relapse and become incurable diseases in gynecology, women's health and work to bring a serious impact on learning. Modern medicine will be divided into primary dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea two kinds. Which are mostly functional primary dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea, adolescent common, mostly after menarche onset of 6 to 12 months. Modern medicine with local genital lesions and endocrine neuropsychiatric factors, the use of antispasmodic, analgesic and prostaglandin synthetase inhibitors to treat, although fast and strong analgesic effect, but the effect short recur, and there some side effects, so that the clinical application subject to certain restrictions. The Chinese medicine treatment of this disease is more ideal, specimens wen, prominent effect, showing the advantages of Chinese medicine treatment of this disease. Objective: This project aims to explore Shixiaosan flavored with GFW efficacy of the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea, further confirmed stasis, relieves congestion and pain of Shixiaosan flavored stasis in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea clinical efficacy, to explore its Mechanism. Method: 1. Outpatient screening diagnosed with primary dysmenorrhea and stick to complete the therapy of 60 patients diagnosed as TCM dysmenorrhea (stasis), according to the visiting sequence by using randomized controlled methods, divided into treatment group 30 cases, 30 patients. The treatment group received blood circulation, relieves congestion pain Shixiaosan flavored. Control group blood circulation GFW treatment, three menstrual cycles for a course. 2 dysmenorrhea severity classification: According to the Ministry of Health, Bureau of Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau of the People's ed. Chinese medicine clinical research guidelines (first series). 3 therapeutic efficacy: Clinical criteria based diseases and syndromes such as efficacy criteria. 4 OUTCOME MEASURES: The total effect of the disease were compared between two groups before and after treatment TCM total symptom score, after treatment analgesic efficacy of two syndromes total effect, there are two groups of Chinese individual symptoms efficiency; Comparison of efficacy of the related factors and , effects of the disease were observed with age, disease duration, disease relationships. 5 Statistical Methods: Data were expressed as mean standard deviation ((?) ± s) that count data using X ~ 2 test, measurement data using t test, data processing using SPSS11.5 software package. Results: 1 total effect: The total effective rate was 86.6% in the control group, the total effective rate was 76.6%, the two groups had significant difference (P <0.05), indicating that the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea stasis flavored Shixiaosan better efficacy than the GFW. Two groups of patients before and after treatment TCM total symptom score were significantly different (P <0.05), the two groups of patients after treatment were significantly improved symptoms. After treatment, the total symptom score compared to the Chinese medicine was no significant difference (P> 0.05), the two groups the role of medicine quite. 3 analgesic efficacy in the treatment group, 30 cases, eight cases of clinically cured, effective in 13 cases, effective in 7 cases, 2 cases, the total effective rate was 93.3%; the control group 30 cases, 4 cases of clinically cured, 11 cases markedly effective 10 cases, 5 cases ineffective, the total effective rate was 83.9%. Groups by Ridit analysis, the treatment group than the control group analgesic effect (P <0.05). Four groups total effect TCM symptoms, the treatment group recovered three cases, 14 cases markedly effective in 7 cases, 1 case, the total effective rate 96.0%; control group cured two cases, 7 cases were markedly effective in 10 cases, 4 cases The total effective rate 82.6, by Ridit analysis, the total effect of Chinese medicine symptom groups no difference (P <0.05). 6 Correlation analysis showed no effect of age on efficacy; while disease duration, disease severity was significantly correlated with efficacy, the shorter the duration, the better the effect, the condition more light, the better the effect. Conclusion: Shixiaosan flavored functional blood circulation, relieving pain. Can effectively treat blood stasis primary dysmenorrhea, significant improvement in their clinical symptoms, with good pain relief.

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