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On Plekhanov’s Thought of Historical Materialism

Author PengJian
Tutor WangGuiMing
School Southwestern University
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Plekhanov Marxism Historical Materialism Historical Materialism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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This paper Plekhanov's historical materialism. The center of the Plekhanov life research is historical materialism. Plekhanov believes that historical materialism theory has the great direct practical significance, can guide the proletariat and reveal with revolutionary method of transformation of capitalist society, the law, and make it easier for people to work for the benefit of humanity . \Plekhanov lifetime not to historical materialism under any definition, but he left behind a large number of writings, we can believe that his views of the of Historical Materialism' dissertation">Historical Materialism research object: the materialist conception of history is to study social unity structure, the general law of the development of the study of society and its various elements, especially research impetus to the development of social science. Plekhanov that the materialist conception of history is the only scientific view of history. Social existence in the field of social history decided social awareness, social awareness and dynamic reaction on social existence; objective in line with the law of the development of the dialectical process of social history; basic social contradictions is the development of all social power, productivity is the social development of the initial source of; class society, class struggle is the direct driving force of social development; masses is a major force in promoting historical development. This paper uses the Marxist stand, principle, method of study Plekhanov Historical Materialism: the emergence and development of the first part of Plekhanov's historical materialism Plekhanov's historical materialism objective conditions and subjective conditions together, the product of a complex historical process. Through the analysis of its conditions and the historical process of the development, demonstration objective possibility of Plekhanov historical materialism and historical inevitability. The second part Plekhanov almost all involve important theoretical writings of Plekhanov's main contribution to the Historical Materialism Historical Materialism. It is no exaggeration to say that a series of basic principles of historical materialism, from the social environment theory to the theory of social consciousness from the objective law of development of human society to the role of the individual in history, have considerable depth study, and many insights. Plekhanov's historical materialism in the third part of the historical status and the contemporary value Plekhanov, historical materialism historical materialism of Marx, Engels, inheritance, enrichment and development. Today we should be treated dialectical historical materialism of Plekhanov, to absorb its scientific aspects in the theory and practice of the continuous development of Marxist historical materialism.

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