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He Andong Japanese War Music Studies

Author CuiHuiZi
Tutor FengChangChun
School Shandong Normal University
Course Musicology
Keywords He Andong Anti-Japanese War Music New music
CLC J609.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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This article is He Andong musical works of the period of the War of Resistance Against Japan. He Andong is an important musician of the 20th century. As a music lover, a child he was hard to learn the music, a skilled master violin techniques, accumulated a rich knowledge of music theory, and has laid a good foundation for his musical career thereafter; As a composer, he created a nearly the first different genre of music works, full of the spirit of the times and appeal works for the development of China's revolutionary cause and the music made outstanding contributions; superb playing skills, he won praise from the audience as a violinist, and wide-ranging impact ; earlier as a country music educator, his hard working, hard work, training a large number of musical talent to make every effort for the prosperity of China's music education career. By the introduction and conclusion, the article plus middle chapters of six major parts. He Andong Japanese War music analysis research focuses on the second, third, four chapters. The first chapter introduces the life He Andong. The second chapter focused on analyzing He Andong Songs Of Resistance Features of Their Works. After the \Creation and wide dissemination of these salvation songs to put into the anti-Japanese patriotic struggle to mobilize the masses, played a huge role in encouraging and made a significant contribution to the promotion of the development of writing and singing revolutionary songs movement. The third chapter is He Andong art songs and violin music. His art songs in the overall style and creative techniques on both the characteristics of Western art song, inherited cultural traditions of China, He Andong music creation more part of the artistic value. He Andong violin music works of his many years of playing experience, a summary of playing experience and teaching experience, more Chinese in the 20th century has made an important contribution to the development of the violin. Chapter summarized He Andong music creation of the Anti-Japanese War general characteristics and historical significance. This part of the face from the the works theme, creative techniques and artistic emotion tripartite He Andong overall creation of the musical work characteristics are summarized, and further pointed out that during the war, He Andong creation of different styles, rich in content and form of the musical works of modern music history valuable wealth, He Andong musicians who make a significant contribution to the development of new music should be recorded in the annals of history. Epilogue He Andong musical life overall evaluation. In this paper, the musical works of He Andong during the war as a starting point to start from the War songs, art songs and violin music three musical genre, to study the He Andong music creation features and historical significance, to give an objective and comprehensive historical evaluation of the Hean Dong and his works.

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