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On E-C Translation of News Headlines

Author ZengYiJun
Tutor GuoShangXing
School Henan University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords News headlines translation Relevance Theory Optimal relevance Explanatory similarity
CLC H315.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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In the era of globalization and information explosion, through a variety of media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio and network news pervasive, has penetrated into every corner of people's lives, as the major media and tools of publicity and broadcasting information, it people's lives have an important impact. As an important part of news headlines, over a long period of development, gradually stand out from the wide range of the title family, a unique form of style, unconventional words and sentences, think outside the box in the syntax, and strive to achieve the attention value and the value of communication The purpose, to the eventual realization of its information dissemination function. Translation has a very important meaning in the translation of the entire news, news headlines due to the eye-catching title of the position and status indispensable. Therefore, the authors selected news headlines as a research direction through the study of the function of this particular text in the form of news headlines and their news headlines from all angles in a news important position and play in the media communications an important role, and then illustrates the importance of English and Chinese cross-language cross-cultural headlines translation conversion. Recalling that the status quo of the headlines Translation Studies, domestic and foreign scholars have done for this area has yet to be excavated at the communication needs of the development of the information society and globalization calls for more applications results in the field of headlines translation guidance and facilitate information sharing can be achieved more successfully held a different language. In view of this, in line with the framework of the associated translation theory Gert (Gutt) news headlines translations attempt to investigate the study, the authors found that the interpretation the associated translation theory of news headlines translation feasibility and applicability and tried headlines translator translation principles guiding. The first chapter of this thesis research significance, research objectives, methods, and general planning of the data collection and made to the structure of the entire paper. The second chapter is a literature review. In the first part of this chapter, the authors first a brief analysis of the news and headlines. From the definition of news and the newsworthy cut into the headlines definition, function and style introduction, after the news headlines from the perspective of the translation, semiotics and Mass Communication translations try to define. In the second part of this chapter, the author focuses on the East and the West, and the history and current situation at home and abroad for the headlines Translation Studies review pointed out that currently exist in the theoretical study of the characteristics and shortcomings. The last part is a summary. The third chapter is a theoretical framework. This chapter is divided into three parts. The first part is the development of related theory background statement pointed out by a number of important concepts associated theory analysis associated theory generated the significance and relevance theory's explanatory power and completeness; refining of the second part of the theoretical framework of the associated translation principles and standards associated translation. The third part of the the associated translation point of view of Gert mentioned, including the translation as an interlingual the interpretative use the special case to translate EXPRESS - infer mode dual communicative process,, and Gert direct translation and Indirect translate both translation philosophy. The last part is a summary. The fourth chapter is the actual analysis and the use of news headlines in the Perspective of Relevance Theory translations. This chapter focuses on four research. First, the authors hypothesized that, pointed out that the study builds on research news headlines translation from Relevance Theory with the theoretical corpus analysis used in this article to illustrate the validity and significance of understanding. Second, the authors focus on research the first aspect Gert theory, namely the principle of optimal relevance. In order to successfully translate the news headlines, the translator should optimize the proportion of contextual effects and mental effort, audiences appropriate understanding of the context for the news headlines, and the purpose of dissemination of the news headlines and audience expectations coincide. Next, the authors explore Gert associated translation research that translated explanatory similarity, and how to achieve the best similarity. This part includes interpretative similarity inferior communicative situations and communicative clues introduction and application analysis combined with the specific instance of the headlines. After the author is a comparative study for the practical application of Gert direct translation and indirect translation in the translation of the news headlines. Summed up by the above analysis of the features of the translation of the news headlines related theoretical framework, the role of the translator and loyalty. This chapter, the last part is a summary. The last chapter of the thesis that the fifth chapter is the conclusion. Translated news headlines in the practical application of research under the framework of Relevance Theory, the author tries to news translators made several feasible suggestions maintain sensitivity to the context that the title of the translation process, and enhance the comprehension of two cultures force, the translation is always abide by the principle of optimal relevance, flexibility in the use of translation strategies in order to achieve the purpose of the translation. The authors also noted that pending further study direction.

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