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Deep-sea microbial acquisition system simulation and experimental study

Author LiHui
Tutor LiLi
School Central South University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords deep-sea microbes concentrated sampling pleated filter ANSYS AMESim
CLC Q938.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The deep-sea hydrothermal vents is abundant in extremophiles which live under extreme conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, salt, strong acid and so on. In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to research on deep-sea extremophiles because of their special physiological property and genetic characteristics. In order to carry out deep-sea extremophiles research, scientists need a lot of concentrated hydrothermal sample which can keep its original state and components. Deep-sea extremophiles sampler is an important equipment to obtain deep-sea extremophiles. In this paper, the performance of the deep-sea extremophiles sampling system was studied through simulation and experiments.Based on the design requirements of the sampling system, the key sampling techniques were analyzed and researched, including pollution-free sampling technique, pressure-jump-free sampling technique, high-pressure sampling vessel design technique, high flow concentrated technique of filter.Based on ANS YS, the three-dimensional model of sampling tube is established and then simulated at various depth during the recycling process and then obtained the stress and strain. The finite element analysis results show that the intensity of the sampling tube meets the requirements when working at the depth of 4500 meters.We established an overcurrent experimental system to simulate the sampling process in deep-sea. We carried out experiments at various conditions to simulate sampling at different sampling depths and different concentrations at hydrothermal vents, using three different material pleated filters, polypropylene, PSF, and hydrophilic filters. We obtained the flow characteristics of different pleated filters at both high and atmosphere pressure environments. Also we obtained the flow ability、concentration performance and block point of different filters. The results show that the performance of the pleated filter can meet the design targets and PSF fiter was recommended for the real sea-experiments.The superpressure seawater hydraulic simulation model was established in AMESim environment. We carried out the simulations when concentration sampling system works in deep-sea environment and obtained the flow characteristics of different pleated filters in both high and low environment pressures. Simulation results and experiment results agree well, which demonstrates the validity of the simulation model.

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