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Research on the Strategy of Practical Knowledge Generation for Middle School Teacher in Professional Growth

Author ZhaoHongTao
Tutor ZhouHong
School Southwestern University
Course Principles of Education
Keywords Secondary School Teachers Teachers' practical knowledge Generate difficulties Generation strategy
CLC G635.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Research on teachers' knowledge of teacher professional development has been an important research topic. 80s from the 20th century, as the traditional knowledge of the important supplementary teachers, teachers' practical knowledge related research has increased rapidly, and teacher education theorists increasingly become a new area of ??concern. Teachers' practical knowledge as a unique form of knowledge, not only for teachers' professional autonomy demands to provide a strong basis for teachers' professional development has also become an important knowledge base. At present, China's basic education curriculum reform is to develop in depth, the new curriculum for secondary school teachers 'knowledge and ability level quality put forward higher requirements; teachers' professional development is the key to the quality of teachers and the ability to nurture and enhance the core teachers attention and gain practical knowledge. Whether it is the call of the times, or developmental needs of individual teachers are urgently required to generate practical knowledge of teachers. Thus, for secondary school teachers' practical knowledge generation strategy research has important practical significance. In this study, rooted in the practice of teaching in secondary education, secondary school teachers to explore for serving individuals to build and enhance the practical knowledge of effective strategies to enhance teachers' practical rationality, and promote education and teaching practice activities carried out smoothly, effectively and efficiently to achieve individual teacher professional growth. First, in the practical knowledge of teachers connotation, characteristics and composition of the understanding, based on a deep understanding of the meaning of teachers' practical knowledge generation and its impact on the significance of teachers' professional growth, while secondary school teachers' practical knowledge generated reveal the particularity; secondly, secondary school teachers currently investigating the status of practical knowledge generated, summed to generate problems, generate further analyzed and summarized the reasons for troubled; Finally, constructivist learning theory and reflective practice theory, based on teachers' practical knowledge to explore generate rules, then build teachers' practical knowledge generation strategy. Throughout the study based on the teachers 'professional growth process, secondary school teachers' practical knowledge on the analysis of the plight generated strives to achieve a comprehensive, systematic and in-depth. On constructivist learning theory and reflective practice theory based on the understanding, teachers try to put forward practical knowledge generation should follow the law, that teachers' practical knowledge generation is the result of many factors; yes internalization and externalization of unity; self construction and social construction of unity. Therefore, teachers gain practical knowledge teachers need not only the internal active learning and constructivism, the external environment is also inseparable from teachers nourish and nurture. In addition, the research method, the main emphasis of a wide range of targeted questionnaires and individual interviews combined to avoid conduct purely abstract and theoretical analysis of the grand narrative of monotonous. Objectively speaking, due to study conditions, time and knowledge I experienced researchers and other factors, this study also has some limitations. However, the purpose of the study is not just to solve the problem, and more is to provide readers with an analytical and thinking perspective. The author hopes that this study can lead to the majority of the reader's sympathy, of course, is also eager to hear more about the different voices, will serve as a starting point for further research, and move on.

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