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Research on Personalized Service of B2C Tourism Electronic Business

Author YangXiaoPing
Tutor TangBingYong
School Donghua University
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords Personalized service Personalization recommendation Tourism E-business Case-based Reasoning (CBR)
CLC F724.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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With the development of tourism industry, the tourists become more and more mature. They want to enjoy the personalized services when traveling. Most of the tourists prefer individual travel to organization travel. At the same time, the traditional E-business model can’t satisfy the request of customers. The website of tourism, which can provide, the personalized services to customers, appeared. The personalized services realize the purpose of initiative recommendation by collecting and analyzing the information of customers and study the interests and behavior of them. On the other hand, the personalized services can improve the quality of services and efficiency of visiting website, sequentially attract more visitors. Therefore, researching the theory and method of the personalized services is the important step to improve the competition capacity of tourism E-business. It has the important academic and practical meanings.Firstly, I explained the background of this thesis and concluded the different levels of the personalized services, introduced the current situation of the personalized services and tourism E-business domestically and abroad. Secondly, I summarize the general model and main format of application of the personalized services system, by combining the research result of domestic and overseas scholars and analyzing the current personalized services systems. Thirdly, I resolve the problems such as how to decide the style and destination of tourism, how to choose the production of tourism and how to find the relevant information by researching the decision-making behavior of tourists. I analyzed the characteristic of tourists’ behavior in the condition of E-business, brought forward the lifecycle of tourists and the process model of tourism E-business website and established the model of the process of tourists’ purchasing decision-making based on website. Fourthly, I analyzed the necessity and feasibility of the personalized services of B2C tourism website and designed the whole solution of B2C tourism website by researching the design methods of general model of the personalized services. Fifthly, I research the most important and difficult part of the personalized services system—recommendation of individual tourism plan subsystem using CBR and its purpose was realized planning the individual tourism and designing the route of individual tourism. This paper design the recommendation of individual tourism plan system based on CBR and research the key technique and implement scheme of CBR. Lastly, I completed the design of other subsystems.The main innovation points are as following: Firstly, I made the complete research of the personalized services by combining the management of information resource and the flow of information services, summarized and concluded the general model of the personalized services system always contained the five modules: data collection, customer modeling, the personalized services, the personalized information, customer feedback measurement. Secondly, I established the lifecycle model of tourists in the condition of tourism E-business and analyzed the services of B2C tourism website using the theory of customers’ lifecycle. Thirdly, I established the model of the process of tourists’ purchasing decision-making and analyzed the requirement of tourists in the different steps of purchasing decision-making by combining the purchasing behavior theory of customers and tourists’ behavior on website. Fourthly, I provided the whole solution of the personalized services system based on non-wire network, Internet and Intranet on the consideration of the convenience of tourism purchasing the mobility of tourism and the performance and practicality of system. And I designed the five level structure of B2C tourism website the personalized services system using the Object Oriented method and the theory of software system structure for reference. Fifthly, I think CBR is the most suitable method to solve the problem of tourism plan decision-making and solve the application problem of CBR in this system. Sixthly, I provided the comprehensive solution of the personalized services system and complete the analysis and design of every subsystem.

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