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Preparation, Property and Application of Tin Sulfide and Their Complex Thin Films

Author LiBing
Tutor ShiChengWu
School Hefei University of Technology
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Tin sulfide Complexes Preparation Performance Thin Film Solar Cells
CLC O484
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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This article was prepared by hydrothermal SnS 2 and its complex and SnS its composite Nanomaterials and film and thin film solar cells prepared by dipping the legal system . XRD and TEM analysis of the crystal type and particle morphology of nanomaterials ; measurement of thin films of UV- Vis , UV - Vis -NIR absorption properties , and thus to study the optical band gap of the film ; while also measuring the film the photovoltaic performance of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and battery . The experimental results show that the Sn (II ) doped SnS 2 the the Sn 2 S 3 < / sub > generated , Cu (Ⅱ) doping of SnS < sub> 2 occurred lattice substitution ; Sn (Ⅳ) doped SnS SnS produce lattice defects , Cu (II ) -doped SnS is Cu 4 of SnS < sub > 4 generated ; SnS 2 and its complex film at a wavelength of about 500nm , there is a clear absorption beginning SnS its complex film at a wavelength of 1000nm about an obvious absorption beginning ; and SnS 2 indirect bandgap , and SnS direct bandgap size dopant type and doping amount ; different film interface transfer resistance and electronic transmission time within the film significantly different ; FTO / of SnS 2 : Cu ( II) / of SnS / Sn structure of , thin - film solar cell photovoltaic performance test results : the short-circuit current density 37.5μA/cm 2 open voltage is 130mV , the fill factor of 0.35, and photoelectric conversion efficiency was 0.05%.

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