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Preliminary Study on Fish Communities during Spring and Autumn in Water of Beibu Gulf

Author WangLiXiang
Tutor YeZhenJiang
School Ocean University of China
Course Fishery resources
Keywords Beibu Gulf Fish community Dominant species Species and abundance
CLC S932.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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According Beibu Gulf bottom trawl fishery resources survey data for April 2006 and November 15 stations (including spring set fall of six stations), respectively, from the species composition of the fish community, the number of components, flora and The dominant species and diversity index were analyzed. In addition, analysis of the weight and length composition of the dominant species and some economically important species. Finally, the combination of survey the sea area geography and hydrology characteristics, both the diversity of fish community relations. The main results of this paper is as follows: the Beibu Gulf voyage investigation a total of 199 species of fish belonging to 76 families and 16 orders. The spring survey found a total of 155 kinds of fish, belonging to 64 families and 16 orders, 124 kinds of warm water species, accounting for 80.0% of the spring catch species; warm temperate species, 31 species, accounting for 20.0%. Spring voyage units network was a weight of 8.73kg / h, the relative importance index IRI index 6 fish monzonite roughy, Duchenne called croaker, Six-fingered threadfin, deer spot Bi, Saurida tumbil, coarse grain Bi. Beibu Gulf the spring fish resources community species abundance index (D), diversity index (H ') and evenness (J') for 10.696,3.501 and 0.694, respectively; autumn survey found that 99 kinds of fish, belonging to 13 Head 38 families, including 81 kinds of warm water species, accounting for 81.8% of the fall catch species; warm temperate species and 18 species, accounting for 18.2%. The unit mesh eligible weight of 9.64kg / h. The fall voyage investigation of the relative importance of the IRI index ago 6 fish is a macular Bi, thin strips the Tianzhu fish, fine lines Bi, wire fins Yong, Nemipterus Parargyrops snapper. Fall fish community species abundance index (D), diversity index (H ') and evenness (J') were 7.682,3.843 and 0.836. The spring voyage catch in pelagic fish 18, nearly 31 kinds of demersal fish, 106 kinds of groundfish. Catches mainly to the bottom and near-bottom fish, both accounting for 94.25% of the weight of the catch, accounting for only 5.75% of the weight of the total catch of pelagic fish. Fall voyage catch pelagic fish 25 species, nearly 22 kinds of demersal fish, 52 kinds of groundfish. The fall in the proportion of pelagic fish larger growth, accounting for 21.24% of the catches, while the ground floor and near groundfish still 78.76% of the total catches. The long the main catch fish body composition and weight composition analysis results show that the snapper of Parargyrops, Duchenne called croaker, six horse threadfin deer spots Bi, Saurida tumbil coarse grain Bi, silk fin Yong gold wire individual fish catch species is small, the Health and juveniles accounted for a larger proportion. Based on the survey data and historical data, combined with survey waters hydrological elements and geography characteristics, features and changes in the fish community structure analysis, the paper argues the fish community structures and the changes with the waters where the hydrological elements, geographical characteristics and currents are all closely linked. Beibu Gulf fish community structure characteristics provide the latest research information, and provide a scientific basis for fisheries biodiversity conservation and rational utilization of fishery resources.

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