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Cape Hare’s Harm Research in Western Liaoning

Author FanYuYing
Tutor WuJianPing
School Northeast Forestry University
Course Zoology
Keywords Hare Western Liaoning Harm Population density
CLC S442.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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July 2007 to March 2009 , on the western Liaoning ( mainly Fuxin Fu Meng County and Huludao City Suizhong County ) hare ( Lepus capensis ) on trees and crops hazards and hare population density was studied hazards research mainly visits , surveys, and field survey quadrat , population density using transect method , mainly in the studied areas hare hazards , and use statistical software SPSS13.0 and Excel survey data were analyzed. The results show that the main hazards in western Liaoning hare large flat apricot tree species , and the hare on the different ages of the dangers of large flat apricot significant differences in the specific performance of three age following hazards are serious, average hazard rate of 89.7% , more than three age less harmful , especially small harm than age 5 ; differences in different regions of the hare was also significantly harm the specific performance of low rainfall in the western and northern regions hare serious harm , and relatively more rainfall in the eastern and southern less harmful . Hare major hazards crops is soybeans, soybean crop different growth differences significant hazards , specifically manifested in the emergence hare on just 5 to 15 days of pea heavy damage , the average damage rate was 83.3 %, and during this period the hare on soybean seedlings will harm many pea stems snapped , losing growing point , bitten stems stop growing ; soybean distance from the forest to some extent, affect the degree of harm hare , with increasing distance from the forest hare degree of harm decreases, within 30m from the most serious hazards woodland , plains soybean endanger small. By hare population density surveys show that in Suizhong County Fumeng and agro-forestry zone hare density was 0.339 ± 0.0542只/ hm ~ 2 and 0.257 ± 0.0252只/ hm ~ 2, and the survey found that more than hare habitat in farmland , thickets , forests or farmland nearby ravine , were investigated accuracy ( 73.4% , 80.7% ) and ( 84.8% , 87.5% ) . And by differences in the hazard rate significantly hare population density regions for statistical analysis showed that the hazard ratio hare population density in different parts of the difference was not significant .

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