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An Investigation into the Factors Affecting the Size of Warp Pantyhose

Author XuMinZhi
Tutor WuZhiMing
School Jiangnan University
Course Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords pantyhose the height and width of the pattern fabric structure of jacquard pull of
CLC TS186.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the era of personalized apparel, women’s pantyhose as one of the major apparel products, also presents a rich personality and characteristics. Now pantyhose has already begun to demonstrate her unique charm, and attract more and more people’s attention. Many different types of pantyhose, which warp knitting socks pattern and color are closely linked with fashion trends, you can wear on different pantyhose when you work, live, entertainment, communication and other occasions, and attract female consumers of all ages. At present the production of warp knitting is not yet mature pantyhose, pantyhose size of the control is not one of the fundamental solution of the problem, there is no effective way to control pantyhose size, the actual weaving is usually rely on the experience of repeated technical staff trial organization, the issue size for pantyhose factors affecting the system, in-depth research.The subject begins by describing the principle of warp knit pantyhose, and an example to color the warp pantyhose pantyhose craft production methods; select 19-27 years old, 160cm tall in the area of female college students,use non-contact three-dimensional body measurement,get the important parts of the data for the lower body, the data provide the analysis of the change, as the pull-off value of sub-basis; the height and width of the pattern, organizational structure and stretch warp let-off three impact pantyhose size factors experimental design and regression analysis.For non-contact three-dimensional body measurement for the analysis of the data obtained: Thigh to waist pantyhose total length of the vertical distance of 23.68%; thigh to the knee pantyhose around the vertical distance accounted for 23.06% of the total length; knee around the calf circumference of the vertical distance from the 34.44% total length of pantyhose; pantyhose feet long accounted for the total length of 18.82%, whereby the density of the sub-set pantyhose stretch; circumference direction from the waist to hip size gradually increased, from hip to ankle portion size decreases, thus pulling the various sections of the design density, stretch socks, head to the waist from the density decreases. Using SPSS analysis software for correlation analysis of experimental data, obtained: the size of the main factors affecting the length of flowering high (x1), organizational structure (x3) and traction density (x4) three factors, organizational structureand the height of the pattern greater impact, less impact on the density traction; impact circumference size of the main factors the width of the pattern (x2), organizational structure (x3) and traction density (x4) three factors, organizational structure and the width of the pattern greater impact, less impact on the density traction; hip size is also affected by the amount of Jacquard comb-off (x6) impact, but less affected. Through regression analysis, obtained long socks (y1), within the length (y2), before the wave (y3), Hips/2 (y4), thigh circumference/2 (y5) and knee circumference/2 (y6) six important parts of the size of the regression equation:y1 = 0. 059x1+1.018x3-4.265x4+24.034y2 = 0. 045x1+0.617x3-3 .237x4+19.028y3 = 0. 014x1+0.399x3-1.017x4+4.742 y4 = 0. 126x2+0.814x3-6.713x4-0.003x6+57.060 y 5 = 0. 061x2+0.433x3-1.522x4+8.396 y 6 = 0. 057x2+0.426x3-1.479x4+8.550The research project will help proofing quickly and accurately determine the size pantyhose warp, which can increase productivity and reduce costs.

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