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Wu Ju Tong wet warm Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Law of

Author LuoSuHua
Tutor LiLiuKun
School Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Clinical basis for TCM
Keywords Wu Ju Tong Warm Febrile Diseases Wet temperature Sanjiao dialectical
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The wet febrile disease predilection in the long summer festival of acute exogenous fever, multiple spleen and internal injuries, wet drink stop together, due to the hot and humid Evils complex sense. Since the beginning of the wet containment Wei Qi, the table with the disease, wet weight in the heat of the pathogenesis characteristics, Zheng Jian fever Yang afternoon is very hot, chills, no sweat less sweat, head body weight pain, pale yellow, chest tightness, not hunger, thirst, greasy tongue coating, pulse How slow. Its moderate onset mass change is slow, but because of its hot and humid consistency, such as the oil into the surface, locked in, so the disease potential lingering longer course of treatment is very tricky. Famous Qing Dynasty Febrile Diseases Wu Ju Tong, febrile disease in the wet, has made great achievements. Handed down masterpiece \This paper studies Woo in Treating the wet temperature academic thinking, is far were \together, so have practice test, has a high practical value. Wu Ju Tong in Treating wet temperature, first stressed the need to do correctly identifying diseases and syndrome. In the process of identifying diseases, with particular emphasis on the the wet warm summer Wen, typhoid, Yin, alpine identification. In his view, the wet warm predilection when late summer the moisture Piansheng of, and the summer temperature occur in the summer and hot when; wet temperature since the beginning of more common wet containment Wei Qi, exterior and interior of the same disease, wet weight in the heat The more common of the permit; summer temperature since the beginning of the the gas sub Yangming Fiery card. The wet temperature typhoid since the beginning, with similar symptoms such as headache, chills, body pain, his symptoms were significantly different. Typhoid floating and tight pulse, wiry pulse wet warm and moisten. Typhoid fever, headache, body pain, severe joint pain, headache since the beginning of the wet temperature, lighter body pain, heavy as head wrapped physically heavy-based, and also has a pale yellow, chest tightness, not hungry, not Young fever afternoon obvious. The wet temperature since the beginning of addition to just imaginary afternoon fever common, and see the pain of headaches, chills, body weight, pale yellow, chest tightness, not hunger, the thirst, greasy tongue coating, wiry pulse and moisten disorder; yin deficiency disorders in addition to afternoon fever, and see the afternoon two malar flushing, five upset hot, dry mouth and throat, red purple, less moss or no moss, dry, rapid pulse embolism generally not seen Table closure and inside wet like. Cold dampness disease with aversion to cold, pale tongue, moss white slip on wet warm with fever, red tongue, greasy moss characteristics significantly different between the two is not difficult to identify. In fact, the wet temperature dialectical, very detailed, first triple burner as the key link, the upper and lower disease location, following points six through specific organs, Wei Qi Ying Xue superficial, deep level, but also pay attention to distinguish the severity of the hot and humid. Warm Febrile Diseases \The hot and humid nature All others are cold dampness of the card. Wei Qi, Ying and Blood Wu On wet temperature is basically the gas per card, no simple the Wei per card rarely pure camp blood card. Hot and humid severity of the wet weight in the heat syndrome most, followed by both the hot and humid permit no TGA dampness. Its treatment of wet temperature, focusing declared open lung through dampness and evil; lift stomach dry dampness and evil; smooth under the coke, light penetration dampness. Specific applications, often declared on smooth, seepage and, sanjiao into account sub-elimination hot and humid. The most commonly used Xuanfei dampness drugs as almonds other commonly of Arctium, puffballs, loquat, Shegan, tempeh, phragmites and other drugs. Lifting stomach, dry dampness evil commonly used drugs of white Kou Yan, Magnolia, Pinellia, dried tangerine peel, Agastache Terrier Arecae, grass and fruit. Light penetration dampness commonly used drugs Coix Seed, Poria, Polyporus, talc, through grass and so on. The most common heat dampness drug baicalin, berberine. Wu also attached great importance to the the wet warm Syndrome treatment taboo, stressed the wet temperature since the beginning of the ban profusely, ban big ban moisten; side of the hot and humid permit non-believers governance; external evil, avoid pure Sim go table, pure bitter Kiyosato; damp heat resistance, caution licorice. In short, the Wu Ju Tong in Treating the wet temperature disease Diagnosis and Treatment drug law, to grasp these laws, has a very important significance for Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment, guide wet warm wet temperature treatment.

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