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Yinqiaosan subtraction dermatological literature

Author ZhangZuoHao
Tutor LiLiuKun
School Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Clinical basis for TCM
Keywords Yinqiaosan Skin disease Febrile disease Wu Ju Tong
CLC R275
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Yinqiaosan side relegated from the famous Qing Dynasty Febrile Diseases Wu Ju Tong warm Diseases identified by honeysuckle, forsythia, bamboo leaves, Nepeta, mint, Arctium, tempeh, Campanulaceae, licorice, phragmites composed of 10 herbs. The the original side only treatment air temperature disease early wind heat invading Wei permit, but the addition and subtraction of party they are widely used for the treatment of air temperature rash, Fushu since the beginning of table with the disease and other evidence. In recent decades, in modern clinical Yinqiaosan subtraction is widely used in medicine, pediatrics, ENT treatment of other diseases, especially for the treatment of a variety of skin diseases, and has achieved very good results. This paper studies Yinqiaosan is of Xinliang clear solution of the agent, the prescription to Silver Flower, Forsythia King, Xinliang light through evil detoxification, accompanied by mint, Nepeta, Campanulaceae Xuanfei, through the table of products, so whole Fang Chengqing sparse both the agent. Both clinical treatment temperature disease since the beginning of the wind heat invading guard card see fever, micro-bad cold and other evidence, but also treat the early febrile disease, but heat is not cold, chills or after treatment solution while in heat less. It is used in dermatology, not necessarily tied to a whether the chills table card. Similar to the air temperature rash etiology and pathogenesis of many skin diseases, health form is usually caused by the invasion of exogenous pathogens channeling within the camp of the Camp David is not and skin blood contact due to blood stasis. This is exactly the treatment the air temperature rash Yinqiao dispersed tempeh refinable habitat the paeonol Daqingye times per parameter square theoretical basis used to treat a variety of skin diseases. Modern medical studies have proven that the occurrence of many skin diseases, bacteria, virus infections, the Modern Pharmacology studies have shown that, Yinqiaosan subtraction prescription drugs such as Silver Flower, forsythia, has a good anti-bacterial, antiviral activity, which Yinqiaosan Treating skin provides an experimental basis. Papers on a variety of dermatological applications Yinqiaosan Decoction frequency and Yinqiao Powder for the treatment of skin disease drug usage analysis. The results show that more than 20 Yinqiaosan Treating skin diseases, chickenpox, rubella, herpes, diseases such as allergic purpura, measles, acne, pityriasis rosea more, and urticaria, eczema, wind-heat sores, impetigo, prurigo, Dan fever, erysipelas, scarlet fever and other diseases, although treatment Yinqiaosan addition and subtraction, but fewer cases. Yinqiaosan in the main drug honeysuckle, forsythia, peppermint, Arctium drug use, and also the use of the drug with the maximum number of times and the use of dose. The large number of clinical statistics and specific treatment of proven case are fully confirmed Yinqiaosan addition and subtraction to treat a variety of skin diseases have a good effect, especially in wind-heat syndrome efficacy in the treatment of various diseases in the most prominent. The paper also discusses the usage Yinqiaosan outer that the external treatment created Yinqiaosan is very necessary and feasible, the system for water lotions, ointments, ion penetration agent, orally Yinqiaosan agent with, in order to further improve the treatment of skin diseases effect.

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