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Wu the summer temperature Jutong Diagnosis and Treatment Law of

Author ChenZuoRong
Tutor LiLiuKun
School Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Clinical basis for TCM
Keywords Wu Ju Tong Summer temperature Literature Diagnosis and Treatment law
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The summer warm feel damp, in the summer, onset that Heat Syndrome to Yangming gas sub-designate as the main features of acute exogenous fever. Abrupt onset, rapid mass change, changing, since ancient times, is one of the most serious diseases endangering human health and life. Famous Qing Dynasty Febrile Diseases Wu Ju Tong made great achievements in the Diagnosis and Treatment of the summer temperature. Warm Diseases identified \discussed. \This paper studies suggest that Wu Ju Tong summer temperature the Diagnosis and Treatment of academic thinking, is far were \Wu Diagnosis and Treatment summer temperature, focus primarily on the diagnosis of the summer temperature and its with typhoid, warm spring, Fushu, wet temperature differential. For summer temperature dialectical, triple burner as the key link, the summer temperature into the summer temperature on the coke, coke summer mild under the coke summer temperature of three parts; following the the Six Classics Bianqi lesions where the organs, the summer temperature into the lunar the summer temperature Jueyin summer temperature the Yangming summer temperature, Shaoyin summer temperature; Wei Qi Ying Xue Bianqi table superficial, deep level and prioritize potential. Wu for summer temperature syndrome treatment, both inheritance and development. Such as gas heat flaming., By Zhongjing white tiger soup Xin Hanqing gas; the summer the injury camp overcast by, places clear camp Tang Qing camp Xiere, nourishing yin and thoroughly evil; summer trap pericardial, by Angongniuhuang Pill or purple Snow Dan pure heart resuscitation; the Camp thermal wind, places Qingying Tonga antelope horn, Uncaria the Qingying Xiere cool the liver xifeng; summer heat dampness, the summer and wet and the parts were applied White Tiger plus herb soup, three stone soup, almond talc soup Qingshu dampness; if Shushi intrinsic pathogenic cold outside attack, the table with the patient, then the new flavored Ru drink outside San pathogenic cold, within cured Shushi; summer warm late summer sad kidney by even plum soup, diarrhea Southern fill North. According to \of products, Yinhua, fresh lentil flower, forsythia, bamboo, lotus leaf, Elsholtzia etc.. Focus syndromes prescription treatment, compatibility antipyretic mainly to of gypsum, Anemarrhena, bamboo leaves, rhino horn; Silver Flower, Forsythia the antidote, up applications; through vent to Shushi most commonly used fresh lentil flower, fresh lotus leaf; nourishing yin drugs of Ophiopogon, habitat, Yuan ginseng-based. Treatment of the focus summer temperature syndromes basically tiring work of qi medicine and bitter cold heat of the drug with the. Fang compatibility antipyretic mainly berberine, baicalin; qi drug Pinellia, citrus aurantium, Magnolia. Treatment under the coke the summer temperature Syndrome mainly to use feminine AIDS tired of the goods Nongzhuo Atsumi and city of qianyang,,. Nourishing liver and kidney yin with donkey-hide gelatin, habitat, Ophiopogon, chicken yellow; Xifeng city qianyang, mainly with oysters, turtle shell, turtle shell. In addition, the case of Wu Ju Tong Medical Records \Such as summer temperature or Shushi disease of card misuse Xin Wen published the the consumer guide Gongfa, feminine AIDS tired, bitter cold Gongfa caused change card and its treatment methods; Yinqiaosan flavored to treatment hand Taiyin summer temperature heat into pericardial treatment still re-cleared air through the evil the rule two lunar summer temperature with Lengxiang together Xinliang law, the set summer evil into the heart gall and Treatment, summer temperature of the joys together chi Lee urine method may complement febrile disease The article identified the lack of Diagnosis and Treatment of \

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