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Evolvement of Qing-Korea Political Relation from 1592 to 1638

Author LiShuDong
Tutor ZhaoChengGuo
School Ocean University of China
Course Historical Geography
Keywords Manchu and Korea Military war Political relations
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Political relations between China and the DPRK vassal has continued since the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, along with the rise and fall of China's feudal dynasties change, political relations between China and the DPRK also has undergone a continuous process of change before and after the seventeenth century seventeenth century that political relations between China and the DPRK is changing the more complex an era, especially in 1592-1638 years, Manchu and Korea is a very dramatic change in political relations a historical stage. This stage, the Manchu military war relations with the DPRK in particular, the evolution of political relations have played an irreplaceable role, Manchu political relations with North Korea as the center of gravity of the evolution of the war is to carry out the evolution of the Manchu military war broke through Liaodong region's political landscape, and gradually changed the Manchu military balance with the DPRK and the bilateral political relations and, through military war after the shift to strengthen bilateral political relations, the DPRK will eventually become a vassal state by the Ming Dynasty Manchu vassal state, although the Korean kingdom by military conquest in the process of argumentation still insist Zunwangrangyi Confucian ideas, respected Ming Dynasty, but finally had to accept the objective reality Manchu suzerainty. On this basis, the Manchu and Korea to establish a new bilateral political relations until the formation of a new political situation in Northeast Asia. Ming and Qing China-DPRK political relations in the specific historical conditions and under the influence of military war has undergone a change, the development of a complex process. In this paper, the 1592-1638 years, Manchu political relations with North Korea as a major course of study, focusing on the war from a military background and outcome of the outbreak of the evolution of political relations between the two countries have significant influence even critical perspective to time for the spindle, through the grasp of military war against the impact of bilateral political relations of the main line, to fully tap the evolution of bilateral political relations war role in the process, while paying attention to the political relations between China and the DPRK was a specific historical stage in the framework of research and are based on historical facts, the use of the basic history research methods, this phase of the two countries in domestic and foreign policy adjustments and track the evolution of bilateral political relations and comprehensive analysis of internal and external factors and research, learn and use of domestic outside the existing research results, for 1592-1638 years, Manchu evolution of political relations with North Korea clearly sort out the main line, and make a reasonable analysis interpretation, and strive to objectively true representation of history.

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